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    I'm taking an Operations Management course and have bene assigned to write a report on the metrics on UPS's balanced scorecard. I've done some research and found numerous references to some of the nine metrics, (including Pickup Compliance, SLIM, DART, Mileage Index) but haven't been able to find a source that explains what each one is.

    Would anyone be able to provide me with this information? I'm just looking for a high level overview of the metrics, I don't need anything too in depth. I'd really appreciate anything you guys might be able to find.

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    Just make up things like IE does!
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    Proprietary information?
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    I'm sure the actual figures for each metric would be proprietary but the metrics that make up UPS's balanced scorecard are already mentioned several places on the web. For exampe, UPS's racing web site ( mentions at least 7 of the metrics. I'm just looking for a brief description of what each of these metrics are.

    Feel free to PM if you'd prefer not to post the information. This information will only be used in regards to one report for a class.
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    You haven't been able to find an explanation because there is no explanation as to why this company does half the crap it does!
    Good luck!
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    It's a simple formula. Use enough people in all operations so the job can be done correctly and error free. Everything will then be balanced.