"barbaric" terrorist attack iin London

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by mojobuc, Jul 7, 2005.

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    I agree.
    Perhaps America should turn that area of the world into a really large parking lot....or glass factory with a few well placed thermonuclear parcels.
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    lol Trick, you are my type of person.
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    trick....but get the oil out first, right?
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    with ya and moreluck.
    Take over the whole freakin area, place very large marine/army/navy/air force bases around the major oil supplies, and let them manufactur it and sell it back to Cheveron/Texaco etc.

    Of course the US can tax it, being an American enterprise, but let the armed service keep the profits for their own peoples retirement, salaries etc.

    Still can't understand how congress retirees get 6 figure retirement funds, plus many other perks, and the very people who die for them to be there get squat in comparision.
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    All day today the big bombs have been going off at Camp Pendleton.....they shake the ground. I hope the marines are practicing heavy after this most recent attack. Maybe they plan on doing something over there in the middle east. Hope so.
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    What exactly do you think they should do? You do realize our armed forces are already overextended, and are now failing to meet their enlistment goals. I have friends who are their 3rd tour in Iraq right now, and with no end in sight I can't blame them for not re-enlisting. These attacks were carried out in England, not the middle east, and the perpetrators are almost certainly from England's own muslim community. So I suspect that the "nuclear option" is not really an option.
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    It's not really an option in Iraq for that matter.

    I know a few guys who just spent their third 4th of July over there.

    What exactly has changed over there?

    Shiites killing Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites.

    Kurds killing Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds.

    Sunnis killing Shiites, Kurds and Sunnis.

    No, nothing new there.

    That has been going on for all of recorded history.

    Oh yeah, Shiites, Sunnies, Kurds and any other two bit muslim fanatic killing Americans occupation forces and anyone else they can get their hands on in Iraq.

    We lose a few precious American lives over there a week (on a good week) and no end in sight.

    We should have concentrated on the terrorists after 9/11 with the world's full support.

    Instead we are mired down in Vietnam 2 so bush can say the puppet government that despises us and spits on our soldiers and wouldn't last overnight without our military is democratic.

    What a joke and so depressing.
  9. The act of terrorism in London today is dispicable, and those responsible should receive retribution for their act (hurt them hard). I disagree with nuking the middle east, that would punish every one, where only a few zealots are creating the problem, it`s like cutting your arm off for a hangnail. I spent a year in the middle east and found most people nice some did manage to upset me. But basically they are people like us, trying to raise a family and earn a living.
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    I always wonder why we never hear the "good" Muslims denouncing violence...
  11. they are in hiding trying to stay alive and getting on with their life
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    Get real people and wake up and smell the coffee, the practicners of the so called "relegion of peace" Islam have no regard for human life, want to destroy Christanity and our freedoms, we are in a 21st centery Crusades, we are fighting the 3rd world war, it just to bad you people can't see it.
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    Christianity and crusades, eh? I guess if we give up our xenophobia, then the terrorists have won! In troubled times it's always uplifting to hear a voice of reason.
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    "I always wonder why we never hear the "good" Muslims denouncing violence..."

    That kind of xenephobic nonsense makes me sick and is not the kind of "support" that any of us Londoners want or need.

    Open your eyes to the fact that most Muslims are ordinary decent people. See http://www.mcb.org.uk
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    You guys have it all wrong! Think just a moment. Who just got the Olympics and who lost? It was the French lead by Chirac who did the bombing. [​IMG] It is ironic this comes on the heels of this announcement.

    Seriously, there's still some confusion as to whether it is or isn't Al Queda although the trademark characteristics of Osama and Company are all over it. Betting money would say follow that horse for sure. At the least my heart goes out to the Brits and I just hope one day we can see a world where religion, no matter the creed or dogma, is used to benefit the moral principles of mankind rather than to assert as a force to dominate and conquer.

    Religous priciples and precepts can be a wonderful thing but placed into the hands of the wrong person or persons they can be as deadly as any nuclear weapon. JMO.
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    <font color="ff0000">I always wonder why we never hear the "good" Muslims denouncing violence... </font>
    Well, you certainly won't hear it on FOX news, but if you care to look around you will find that most muslims are as disgusted by these attacks as you and I:

    I wonder where all the "good" christians were during the crusades, or the Salem witch trials, or the holocaust in nazi Germany....
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    this is wht I say, kill em all with any,ANY ties to any terrorists group.

    Instead, and I know we are a 'peaceful nation', and have a 'justice system', but we capture these animals, and imprison them, then have to treat them with kid gloves, otherwise their are screams from those that say we are the 'barbaric ones'.

    So what do they have to fear these terrorists?
    Going to prison if they get caught and probably living a better life then the one they had.

    I feel like they are laughing at not only the US, but all peaceful nations. Time to get 'barbaric' and execute them as they are caught.

    "We've been experiencing terrorism for 30 years," said Samira Murr, a Lebanese teacher in her 50s, in Beirut. "It's like the Madrid bombings, like the 9/11 attacks. We feel we are not safe anywhere in the world any more."

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    As an expat, I have been wanting the BBC news for the last 24 hours. In London you are never more than 11 sec from a CCT, they have 8000 of them in the city. If any place stands a chance of capturing these Bastar*s on fim, it is London. Once they do I hope and believe the SAS will pay them a visit and introduce them to their maker.
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    What was I thinking?
    The nuclear option really isn't an option.
    It would be sweeter justice to put the SAS in there and let them have their way with the terrorists.
    Add a little SBS for good measure.
    God love the SAS and SBS.
    "Who Dares Wins"
  20. After seeing a special on TV the brits have to clean up their backyard first, there is an Iman( a british convert to Islam) who preaches the purity of violence, after hearing this I really believe there will be a lot of arrest coming on British soil before they really move to the middle east. I still believe religion is there to teach forgiveness and love, not kill him because he does not believe as you do. I cannot accept any man of God no matter the faith spewing hate among his followers, we left the middle ages centuries ago, the crusades are over. The special aired on CBC and was very informative. I guess the powers that be will have their copy now, GOOD HUNTING