Be my Valentine because I can't send you flowers.

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  1. ajblakejr

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    A Valentine for all.

    "You and your friends are the most thoughtless bunch I've ever known."

    If I could send y'all flowers, it would be Magnolia's.
  2. moreluck

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    I wouldn't turn down a retro-active Valentine !!
  3. ajblakejr

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    Sweet Valentine !!!

    Once upon a time in 1998, a boy named Bill loved a girl named Me.
    This girl didn't love Bill in the way Bill loved her...

    Bill gave this girl a Stuffed Bear and an engraved Cross Pen.
    The girl couldn't give Bill what he needed or wanted...her heart.

    The girl pushed Bill away.

    Bill and the girl started talking again in 1999.

    The girl sent Bill a Xmas card and a note telling him that her cousin's daughter, Sara, died in July 1998 from Ovarian Cancer.
    Sara was only 15 and starting High School in 1998 when she was given her death sentence.
    The Cancer was too far along and even though they had tried to give Hope...we all knew it would end.

    Bill called this girl and expressed his sincere thoughts.
    Bill told the girl that his mother missed her...
    and he was off work caring for his mother...
    his mother had advanced Ovarian Cancer.

    The girl remembers the last time she spoke to Bill.
    Bill reminded her how much he loved her...
    Bill was upset and crying because he knew she loved someone else.

    The girl remembers that conversation because it lasted until dawn.
    The girl remembers that he was not feeling good.
    The girl remembers telling him to go to the doctor to get that cold checked out.
    The girl remembers him telling her that he couldn't leave his mother's side to see the doctor.

    The girl regrets not telling Bill that she did love him...but not how he needed her to love him.
    The girl regrets not stopping at his mother's house with chicken soup she had made for his cold.
    The girl regrets that she was afraid he would get the wrong message from the gesture...

    Bill died in the arms of his brother one cold February morning
    Bill died for the cold he wouldn't see the doctor to treat
    Bill died not knowing that the girl did love him but not the way he needed her to love him.

    The girl forgot about the Cross Pen Bill gave her the year before.
    The girl opened her memory box to put the rose his family had handed her on the day he was buried.
    The girl picked up the pen and really looked at it for the first time, it was engraved with the words, My Valentine.
    The girl opened the card and read the words Bill copied from two songs, Forever and Amen and My Valentine.

    Bill was buried on Valentine's Day, 1999.
    Bill was forty-two.

    I kissed Bill for the last time the day he was buried.
    I tucked my cross into his pocket.
    I was dragged away as they closed the casket.

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  4. Jones

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    A Valentine from Josephine Wall :wink2::

    Child of the Universe
    She blows us kisses across time and space, gaining everlasting goodness and energy from her crystal. Legend has it that crystals embody the power to heal and protect so it is no wonder that the child of the universe draws from the crystal before her. Beside her is a galactic jet emitting a flood of charged particles to fill her with light and life. She gently blows her magic kisses across time and space, sending peace and beauty into our world.
  5. 705red

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    How about this for Valentines day, rejected marriage proposal at the Rangers hockey game. LOL OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    It`s nice to see a story with a good outcome for once.
  7. 705red

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    Why should he be the only happy man on the planet?????
  8. pickup

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    turns out the ranger hockey game proposal was a hoax.
  9. ajblakejr

    ajblakejr Age quod agis

    do you mean it was HOAX?

    i thought he was married?
  10. moreluck

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    They are both comedians married to each other.
  11. pickup

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    It's Lent my dear, yet I still see those big baboobas???
  12. moreluck

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    Happy Valentine's Day ! Have a good week!
  13. Dizzee

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    Happy Valentines Day

  14. moreluck

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    Happy Half-price Chocolate Eve !!!!