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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by rushfan, Apr 21, 2007.

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    Ok, I've given enough chances for Jarrett to break the top 10 in a qualifying/race session. Time to dump him and Waltrip. There's nothing like seeing our driver start a race dead last (see Phoenix lineup). How many more times can he use a provisional? Does he have any left.

    Time to use the UPS business plan. In centers that are dead last in the district/division level, changes are made promptly. Why doesn't UPS do the same with Waltrip and Jarrett?

    Go Vandergriff!
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    Amazing, ain't it? You go to and you see how he did for that week but nothing on Vandergriff.

    Vandergriff is now in 9th spot and headed for a slot in the NHRA Countdown to the Championship. He even gets ink in most NHRA publications but UPS....<<<<<<sounds of crickets...
  3. Lowhigh

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    Jarrett only has one provisional remaining after this weekends Phoenix start. The association with MWR only proved that yet another aspect of UPS business is being run by someone totally incompetent. I can't believe UPS actually took the bait of a viable MWR program. The guy is a joke and his only success in life is because he has an older brother looking out for his butt and paving the way for him. If he had to do it on his own he couldn't own an AMF slotcar racetrack, never mind a Nextel Cup race team. It's a darn shame that the UPS racing adventure has crashed like it has. It started with such hope back in 2001. I am ashamed to admit it but I think that NASCAR was a bad investment for UPS. The NHRA is equally as foolish. Not enough press. Not worth the money. Hopefully UPS can find a way to get out of this mess gracefully.
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    And another aspect of the failed season for MWR is the switch to Toyota. Before the season started, everyone was so high on Toyota coming to the CUP series and how well it would do. Toyota will probably do well here after a few years with some races under their belt, but for now, it is a disaster. Just look at the Did NOt Qualify list for Phoenix this week. Quite a few Toyota's there and if Jarrett did not have his provisional, he would be on that list as well.
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    NHRA, foolish? Not enuff PR? Maybe. It's a known fact that roundy-round has and always will be the media's darling. Drag racing is still a little "outlaw", "street racing", if you will. It still, in my opinion, has a stigma attached to it.

    Also consider the $ dumped into both. A bizillion $ dumped into MWR and before that RYR compared to maybe a one figure million into Vandergriff?

    I would just like to see UPS jump on the bandwagon that they pushed and self-promote it. It's like it doesn't exist.
  6. 71chevy

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    I may be wrong on this, but has UPS cut back on it's NASCAR commercials. Back when they came into the sport a few years ago, Dale was pumping out some commercials(most of them very good). I don't see many of them anymore and the one's I do see are flops. Is the whiteboard taking Dales place. just wondering
  7. Lowhigh

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    Considering all the Toyota teams are new operations I would make that the cause of the failures more than it being Toyota. No existing team is going to help them, maybe because of them being Toyota, but I couldn't imagine a new team getting any help from anyone, regardless of the mfg. What was Michael Waltrip thinking when he thought he could field a effective new team. He isn't even anywhere near being a winning driver. How can he imagine to have a winning team operation. He only has won, what, 3 NC races. I think he is in way over his head and should have stuck to the "bush league" racing. I think DJ went into this knowing it was gonna be an uphill race. They changed the provisional rule after he committed and he got the equivelant of the "chrome bumper", getting spun-out, even before the season started. He is already a lap down with 272 laps to go at Phoenix. Correct that caution is out, he probably got the lucky dog. Well, maybe things are gonna turn around!!!
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    I agree
    Dump him
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    I think Waltrips problems are just beginning. If he has too many more DNQ's, he may be in danger of NAPA saying enough is enough. Lets face it, Napa is a huge sponser and is not getting any race exposure, only the commercials that they run during the race. They are shelling out millions, only to have their car and driver heading back home before the race even starts. UPS may also be in the same position once Jarrett runs out of provisionals.
  10. Once Toyota gets the same engine rules in Cup, as it has in Busch and the Truck series, they will dominate. The writing is on the wall, and it won't be long. Michael and Dale are just biding their time, and it won't be long due to the lackluster perfomance so far this season.
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    :confused:1 :confused:1 :confused:1 40th place woo hoo--:thumbup1: I am excited!!!!:thumbup1: BC
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    Not a good weekend 4 Kyle Bush