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Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by DS, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. DS

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    I know there was a thread once before here about beer,but since its an ever changing world,I thought I`d start a new one.
    A crisp, satisfying,refreshing thread.
    Here in Ontario (Canada)you can`t buy beer just anywhere,its either the liquor store
    or the BEER STORE...I know...great name eh...but they do it really well.
    They have 330 different kinds...all***~ COLD~*** .

    Lots of golf, steaks ,gadgets,and stuff I cant afford.
    But mostly its about BEER!
    Know whats weird? out of all that beer I only drink one brand.
    I hate the beer thats made from the crap they dredge from the bottom of lake Ontario...DONT believe the adds that Canadian is Canadas beer,and that sweet taste of Labbats blue is from the oil that accumulates at the bottom of the lake...theres lots better places to get water for beer.I used to drink fosters lager that was from Australia,but molsons started making it here and I gagged.Anyone else like beer?
  2. satellitedriver

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    Like beer?
    I refer to it as liquid bread.
  3. Channahon

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    Know whats weird? out of all that beer I only drink one brand

    Same here, Amstel Light or Amstel Light for me. I think once you acquire a taste for a beer, and it treats you right, you stick with it.

    I don't know the brewing process for domestic beers here in the US, but I can have my fill of Amstel and feel fine in the morning. Drink the same amount of domestic and a little sluggish the next day. Someone told me it's the brewing process used in domestic beers that make the difference.
  4. Ru.

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    I love beer! And it's Friday! So beer here we come. In the UK we have a little different outlook to brewing, but at the end of the day we like to drink a few scoops just like everyone else. Good Belgian beer of French lager or Ozzy pop. It all tastes good after a hard week in the big brown package mountain. Bring it on!
  5. defcon4

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    I brew my own beer, I have a good bit of experience and I make a damn good american style lager. I call it "Matt's Beer", I've tuned the recipe a good bit and all my friends say I should enter it in a contest, I may do that someday. Try new beers, there are hundreds of varieties and styles that most of us in the states never try, guiness extra stout, and one of my favorites, Fuller's ESB.
  6. moreluck

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    defcon......I have an idea for your front door/stoop. There is a doormat I saw in a catalog that said "Hi, I'm Mat !" You could use that because your beer is Matt's Beer.
  7. CBUK

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    I have to agree that here in the UK we love our beer. I am a lager man. I dont go for the ale and bitter. I like a cool lager. Stella Artois or Hoegarden both spring to mind.

    If I am in the pub I try and keep on the same brand all night. You cant mix them up.

    The Regal on Regent Street in Cambridge has a good range although I doubt any of you are likely to be passing. Or if you are ever in the Dog and Partridge in Bury St Edmunds you might find me propping up the bar.
  8. moreluck

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  9. DS

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    I like a couple of guinness now and then
    I was in London once,and every pub I visited always had a scrumptious lager on tap..
    I have a tattoo shop where I deliver and thier mat says
    "come back with a warrant"
  10. over9five

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  11. DS

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    I dont drink and drive anymore...
    my cellmate had a mohawk and he talked to himself all night,hey over9,that squirrel with the huge testicles was funny at first
    but its hard on the eyes
  12. defcon4

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    I saw the doormat, that's a good idea! I'm gonna get some of those and use them by my kegs so beer doesn't drip all over the floor in my basement. It's nice having your own pub downstairs:thumbup1:
  13. area43

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    I know Ill be stoned for this. Coors Light is the only beer I drink. Unless someone else is buying. LOL ps my wife has champagne taste, but I only have beer money ( :
  14. DS

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    stoned...naw you'll never get stoned on coors light..
    Some people try something and like it right from the start,
    they are lucky.For me drinking light beer would be akin to
    putting unleaded gas in a '67 camaro.
    Whatever keeps yer motor runnin'.
  15. area43

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    Thanks DS, your kindness is greatly appreciated. take care area 43
  16. 1989

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  17. DS

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    This is horrible.btw 1989 this old thread still lives.
    Molsons is trying to buy the montreal canadians.
    The ex-ex workers didn't get much,this free beer was thier pension,at least they had beer if there was no fish.
    Sounds like they have been talking to Fred.
  18. bubsdad

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    Coors Light is like sex on the beach..F'in near water. My God, this thread is old.
  19. DS

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    sex on the beach is a far cry from coors light my friend...and yes its an old thread but the froth remains...
  20. dilligaf

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    This isn't fair. Now I want a beer. :happy-very: