Being of the clock in 10 1\2 hours ?


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The latest push in our building is getting off the clock in less than 10 1\2 hours. This started about 3 months ago and seems to be the latest hot spot for management. It should be interesting at peak if they continue to have this policy. The last two weeks before Christmas last year the earliest I got in was 9 pm, well over the 10 1\2 hours.


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Last Monday I clocked off over 11 hours and they got all defensive, naturally blaming me instead of an embarrasingly unprofessional dispatch & load. The next day they said something about the 10 1/2 hour limit, that they are trying to avoid having drivers out there this long before peak.

My experience last peak was very similar to yours, I did not check out before 9PM during the last two weeks of peak. I found it amazing that some drivers were going home at 6:30. I can't see it being any different this year.


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And what exactly can they do if you go over 10 1/2...I mean if you just do your job to the best of your ability...their production goals are not your need to keep the customers happy take care of your body and play by the rules...running a driver past the brink just increases fatigue and the likelyhood of an accident or injury..."The employer will treat employees with dignity and respect at all times, which shall include, but not be limited to, giving due consideration to the age and physical condition of the employee"...if they want you off at 10.5 tell them you want to be dispatched correctly, you want the packages to be loaded in sequence, you want to have excessive overtime limited to under get the point


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keepingthemhonest is all over it---------------what can they do? All they can TRYto do is harass you in the form of verbal intimidation, veiled threats, and "getting on car with you". If you're doing your job---------nothing superheroic-just doing your job---------let them ride with you and stay ou till 830-900 at night .. You remember---use your methods to your advantage when theyre with you----- following distance, speed limit, marked paths, everything. What will happen? They'll realize there's nothing they can do to get you in earlier so they'll either reduce your ""planned dispatch"" or ""leave this one alone"" DO NOT LET THEM INTIMIDATE YOU INTO WORKING FASTER THAN YOUR NORMAL PACE WHEN THEY RIDE WITH YOU.....................


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As long as you are doing your best and following their methods, they can not fire you for production. Don't let them get the better of you.

That's right too many drivers get worried about ride alongs. I ask for them if they aren't happy with my time. Just be nice and ask for the supp to come out and show you where you can cut time off. Ask supp. to make the deliveries and you'll watch to see how its done. As long as you do it right there is nothing to worry about. Supps don't want to go out with someone they know is doing it right, because its just a waste of their time. They want to push the drivers who will cave to pressure. If they do ride with you so what. They will see what you are doing and that you're not wasting time.


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Wow you guys stop working at 9pm during peak...
1/2 our guys are still out at 9pm all summer.
I guess thats what you get when you pull out of the building at 10am