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  1. wavlngth

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    I was just hired as a package handler after my holiday help as a driver helper. I was under the impression that part-time employees were offered full health benefits after 90 days. Benefits are the primary reason I chose UPS and in many ways is more important than the hourly pay. Unfortunately, I found out yesterday that I need to work 1 year before I receive benefits. I was devastated to hear that and I am now considering turning down the job. After all, my entire check now (plus some) will be going towards the purchase of healthcare to my family.

    My questions:
    1) Why did UPS change the policy from 90 days to 1 year?
    2) UPS is not very clear nor is communication forth right. I still don't understand my benefits package after 1 year. Can someone please fill me in? Do health benefits cover employee only or the entire family. What is covered? Copays? What are the out of pocket expenses, etc etc

  2. trplnkl

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    Number one is the only one I can save money.
    For the rest, call you local union hall and ask them. They should have all your answers.
  3. UPSmeoff

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    Benefits cover you and your immediate family.

    20 dollar copay.
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    In reference to no. 1, the union gave back that 90 day waiting period and replaced it with a 1 year waiting period for, as trplnkl said, to save money.

    And No. 2, If you stay with UPS for any period of time, you will come to realize that the vagueness of communication never changes.

    Good luck.
  5. drewed

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    isnt it 12 months for worker, 18 months for family?
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    12 months for you 18 for family, also even it does take your whole check I assume you have another job and if you use your UPS check for insurance then you wont really lose money from your other job, so if I was you work there for a year paying and then get the free bennies also you won't find much better insurance than you will at UPS.
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Off hand the only comparable insurance package would be that offered to our military personnel but I can tell you from personal experience the level of care (on base) is not comparable to that offered off base. I was active duty when both of my children were born and my daughter cost $25 and my son $45 and that was because we wanted a private room in the local hospital (off base).
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    My theory on why they changed it to 12/18.
    1) Percentage wise, drivers are more active/savvy in the union then part/timers. UPS could change it to 12/18 and still get the teamsters to vote yes for the contract.

    2) The union makes money on the high turnover on the part time level. The union gets to collect the initiation fee every time a new part timer joins the ranks. Change the wait time for bennies and then the worse case scenario is the turn over rate goes up and so does the initiation fees collected. The union is also aware that they could get a contract passed even if they screw part timers being that the drivers vote more then the part timers. This is solely based on what I have experienced at my building.
    What I would of liked to of seen would of been more of a compromise. I understand the huge expense it is to give someone the type of benefits we receive. Let us wait the 12/18, but raise the starting wage by a few more $$'s. .
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I have long advocated the implementation of a dual wage system for P/T employees wherein employees who opt not to receive the medical benefits receive a higher wage than those who do wish to receive the benefits. There are a number of these employees who still live at home and are still covered by their parents insurance or are single and do not normally take advantage of these benefits.
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    That would of been great for me as I am here for the fulltime position. Working 20 hours at UPS and 40+ at a full time gig. Had bennies thru the full time gig (not as good) but I still would of made out better getting 15-18 to start at UP and had the bennies from my full time. Now, I need to find another full time gig until I get a call to go back driving.
  12. wavlngth

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    wow, this job is sounding worse and worse. I'm supposed to start tomorrow at 3am and I'm still undecided. As I've expressed before, communication is very weak and if I decided not to start work, I have no one to contact.
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    ok, as much as i would love to crap on ups and say it's all about the money and be mean about it, there's actually a good reason for it. The turn over is really high for part timers, and the average stay is 4 months to a year. UPS has to pay for our insurance, to get it started, and to maintain it. They wanted to make sure that they were paying benefits to people who were making UPS a long term choice for them. I simply can't fault them for that.
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    Co-pay $10.00 / Emergency $25.00
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I would think that you not showing up would be their first clue.
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    Well in that case it's still about the "money"
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    by far this place is the worse i have seen when trying to get answers...we was told we would get a 1.00 after 30 days but its 50 cents after 3 months..we had 2 guys fine out the other night they will get paid regular time for working on new yrs..after they told them over time..
  18. JOKER

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    it also takes 4 yrs to make 11.87 for a loader or unloader.where if u got in before the new deal u could make 14.00 in 4 yrs because u dont get the 2 cost of living deals..they could start people out at about 12.00 a hr and never have to hire again//
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    stick around maybe they will wow you with a full time driver position. in a month or two lol. :peaceful:
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    Know I'm digging up an old one here but I know the wait changed with teamcare. Anyone know what it is now?