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    Thats Jim casey with the white arabians
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    No explanation needed:

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    Crap DS... so many to choose from.... oh well here is one of my faves:

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    One of the all time greats...

    The s@@t hits the fan at 6:40.
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    ooh ,,, another comes to mind...

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    cachsux Wah

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    Couldn't find a clip of it, but it's the scene from Guess Who's Coming to Dinner when Sidney Poiter gives his mailman father an unsettling speech. This was back when Sidney Poiter wasn't such a political creature......or at least not so outspoken then.
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    Cristopher Walken and Dennis Hopper in "True Romance"....this is probably the best 10 minutes of dialogue in modern cinema, between two of my favorite actors. This scene is violent and has very adult language.

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    "Seven years of college, down the drain!"
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    Walken is one of the best. I recommend "Suicide Kings". Also he is a terrific comedic actor as well.
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    AKA AJ washes her car. :wink2:
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    "Fast times at Ridgemont High"....a true classic. My VHS copy had one particular scene that had been played and rewound so many times that the tape was practically worn out.....:wink2:
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    "You make up these questions Mr Holden, or do they write'm down for you?"

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    Waiting for Covemaster to comment.......!