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  1. fuqboi

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  2. BootsOnTarmac

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    Maybe a baby or puppy was trapped inside. That courier will have a lot of explaining to do even if he was WAD. Who let the dogs out and this video have been a joy to watch for myself and coworkers passing time for late planes. Thank You!
  3. 59 Dano

    59 Dano Some of my best friends are black.

    A locksmith, perhaps?
  4. Lineandinitial

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    A couple of dimwits.
  5. MrFedEx

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    Might have been easier for him to cut through the side with a torch. I think he deserves a BZ for not creating any lates by this highly intelligent solution.

    Most bright folks get an extra key.
  6. TheJackal

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    Side door was broken also?
  7. Operational needs

    Operational needs Non desistas. Non exieras.

    Lol. Probably not.
  8. Cactus

    Cactus Just telling it like it is

    Brilliant idea Einstein.
  9. Buhryein

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    LoL you could have a full truck of P1s and it woulda been better to just call the station and have them send you the spare or call a locksmith, pretty sure he will get written up for damaging the fedex vehicle. You would not get a letter for locking your key inside. *Now if he did it because he didn't want the manager to come with a key and see that he has half of his packages loaded in the front, or the stops he "POD'd" that are still in the truck :P
  10. 59 Dano

    59 Dano Some of my best friends are black.

    It's the most logical solution, so I can see why you take issue with it.
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  11. dezguy

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    I believe this video has been posted before and I'm quite certain the courier was instructed to get into the vehicle by force, by their manager.

    ... Still, I would have probably at least suggested to the manager, he/she send out a spare key or send a locksmith.
  12. dmac1

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    I owned one of those vans and had the same problem. But I went in through the side door to finish the route, then took off the interior panel covering the latch and had to loosen the entire lock mechanism. It wasn't something a locksmith could fix- if I remember right, it was a misalignment of the latch or doors not allowing the door to open with the handle pulled. Same thing happened to another courier- I showed him how to fix it.
  13. whenIgetthere

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    Back in the day I drove a shuttle to the ramp. Manager told me not to bother with pre-trip, there wasn't time, had to get to ramp ASAP. Still drinking the kool-aid, I just filled out the VIR and left. Get to the ramp, I hadn't noticed the cargo key wasn't on the key ring. Since the truck was 100%, the mechanic at the ramp had to come and take the whole lock assembly out of the interior cargo door. Took about half an hour to get the mechanic and then remove the assembly. Our mechanic was p-ssed the next day when he had to fix it.
  14. sandwich

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    nah, break it open. it's not his van.
  15. Cactus

    Cactus Just telling it like it is

    No it isn't.

    Having a spare key shuttled out to the driver is unless you really enjoy paying a locksmith an average of $150.
  16. Sparky

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    Pfft, when that happened to me they took a forklift to the back and lifted by force, then again it was one of those wristband keys that decided to fail and jam the while lock mechanism not a missing key
  17. 59 Dano

    59 Dano Some of my best friends are black.

    $150 vs the several hundred dollars of damage that was done with a crowbar.
  18. TheJackal

    TheJackal Active Member

    All that to save 5 minutes at the station.....:oops:
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    We had a driver lock his keys in the cargo while picking up a drop box an hour away from the center. There was no time to have someone bring a spare set of keys out to him so they called a local locksmith who charged $50 to drill out and remove the bulkhead door lock.

    The air made the plane.
  20. Cactus

    Cactus Just telling it like it is

    Quit twist my words you twit.

    I never said the crowbar was a good idea.