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    On friday while I was inside KFC eating lunch someone broke out the passenger side window of THE BIG BROWN truck and helped themself to my am-fm cb radio and eveything else that was in my box. Just wandering if this has happened to anyone else?
  2. We have had our radio boxes stolen from our locker room when we had contractors in and out work paid for atleast one but have told us they will not pay for them if your like me I have over 1500.00 in my box cb radio 12 disc changer amp ect. check with your home owners ins.explain how you need it for your job and have to remove it every day it might be worth a try If work wont let you file a claim.
  3. we have sleeper teams here in Iowa we have to sign a letter of intent to run these why? My main question is how do the other places that have sleeper teams pic if you can run 60 or 70 hours here in dsm we jump back and forth sometimes day to day and have people going over their 60 hours and getting fired I hear some places they sign the intent list and stay on the 70 hour rule for the year. Also ups here makes rule for teams when ever it is in their favor can some one send me their rules. We were told by our local this was going to be on the contract but nothing happened .
  4. We are on call in feeders in DSM Iowa 24hrs 7days a week 365 days a year are drivers are wrote up for not answering the phone. I know some places dont have on call. Can some one tell me what they have out there so we can put together a better system. Our guy/gals run 7 day a week (as of a couple of years ago) here we have to cover about 65 to 70 brown runs and 6 to 11 sleeper team runs and the phone rings any time of the day any day of the week someone is going to get killed out there this is crazy it could be someones kid meeting our trucks out there. We have had about 5 people quit in the last 6 months. They were 3 to 5 year people tired of it all. Unsafe and getting screwed by our managers.