Brown Cafe Advertising



Why do you have an ad for Airborne Express Discount Shipping on the main page of BROWN CAFE????? I thought this site was for UPS people???? Bite the hand that feeds


The ads are served by a couple of companies that pay to use space on this web site, kind of like renting a bill board. I can block most of the individual ads, but they have often run a few hundred times by the time that I become aware of them. Some of the ads, particularly the text ads, I never get a chance to review because they constantly change based upon the google adwords program. Those have been the ones that have run ads that seem the most inaccurately targeted for this demographic. I have even seen them run an ad for this web site on this web site. That means that I am paying google adwords to run an ad for this web site and they are then paying me to run it on this web site. That just doesn't make any sense to me...

It's not a perfect system by any means. It would be helpful if anyone that sees an inappropriate ad displayed on this web site would take a moment and let me know.