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Honestly though if I was looking for a serious answer I'd rather my thread go completely ignored than have to read through two pages of Jenny's number and bad cliches.
Better than getting deleted


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Damn-they are still around?

Pete Townsend and Roger Daltry weren’t jumping around the stage as much as they used to. Ringo Star’s son was the drummer. They were backed up by a 48-piece orchestra with a hottie violinist, it was a great show. I tried to download some video I shot on my phone of "Baba O'Riley" but the file was too large.


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The Who show in the 70's with stampede/deaths put an end to General Admission (Festival Seating) for most concerts. I always hated concerts like that with a mad rush for seats.


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Possibly the greatest rock group of all time...and they are not headlining.

I saw them 4 times in high school and college.

Actually once a great artist or band is "washed up" you are able to see great shows with recognizable hits close up at smaller venues for cheap. I can tell you all the acts I saw close up at a bar just before they have a comeback.


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I spent about half an hour..on reddit..honestly only looked at ups stuff....about the same kinds of stuff as on here. Seriously anyone who only relies on a message board for info is going to get in trouble.