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    Do not worry about supervisor problems. In near future, unless you are holding a parcel in your hand downsizing is in your department file. Private vender services 1-800 PICK UPS: handles ups inside sales, service recovery and soon corporate concerns: Every year, district Business Development, customer service administration staff is becoming smaller.
    The loyal UPS family atmosphere is all but a memory. Every year for the past three years A/E’s have paid less money and are expected to generate higher sales.
    Weather you have a job at UPS or FED Ex just be great-full to have a job moving packages and wait to see what happens to UPS management as they fall in numbers!
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    Would you care to decipher your code so we could follow along with you?
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    Make a clear point, please.
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    I was wondering the same thing. Is there a point to this thread? Whats Private vender services? It sounds like you have some kinds of problems at work and think management is going to be downsized. If the economy tanks, then I think it will hit all different kinds of jobs, especially in the hourly ranks.
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    He had the same post somewhere earlier, I forgot where Im guessing this is some form of spam
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    Hes speeling as atroshous also:happy2:
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    Did someone go off their meds? With that terrible spelling, you have no chance of moving up the ass kissing chain any way.
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    I think I broke the code.
    Read the last line of the post.

    Subtract the first 13 letters,
    Save the first 2 letters ,
    Subtract the next 2 letters,O K
    Save the next letter, S
    Subtract the next 9 letters.
    Save the next 2 letters, ER and the exclamation point.
    So, the code is -13+2 -2 +1-9
    You end up with the message,
    Well at least, that is the only code I could find.:happy-very::happy-very::happy-very:
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    It`s spam. This guy is trying to sell a spell-check program. It`s how it always starts,"Don`t let this happen to you......"
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    Maybe its Kenmei under a different name :funny:
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    That's a song, but I can't place the name!
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    God, I hope so or I'm gonna be sick. Lol
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    Yall are crazy I can't type anything for laughing so hard at those post. :rofl: