Bustin out routes; Here to stay?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by flht, May 29, 2009.

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    I am new to the forum. Pretty neat to hear from everyone. I've been driving PC's for 23 years and it's setting up to be a long,hot summer down here. Do you guys think the new policy of busting out routes and loading everybody up with work is here to stay. We had over 20 drivers over 9.5 two days this week (not including today) with one guy working to 10:30. I am just curious how things are in other areas of the good ole USA. Have a great weekend!!!!
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    Welcome to Brown Cafe Electra Glide.
    There are a few of us motorcyclist in BC.
    You get to ride in the mountains much?

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    Where is down here?

    They are doing the same thing here!:dissapointed: The 9.5's are so far out of control and they don't care.
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    Electra Glide in Blue
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    Hoping to go to Helen next weekend,weather permitting. Ride to work when I can ( 90 mile round trip). I try to stay out of the cage as much as possible.
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    Central Georgia.
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    I've been driving for 17 years. Every couple of years there will be a "flavor of the month" type push to get everyone below 9.5, but my normal work day has consistently averaged 10.5 hours for pretty much my entire driving career. I would say that probably half the drivers in my center accept and expect that amount of overtime. Only a small group of drivers make enough of a stink to get their days below 9.5.

    Isn't it true that it's more economical for the company to put another car on the road rather than pay a bunch of drivers the extra overtime past 9.5 hours? If so, I don't understand why our center isn't concerned about the long days. Many of our drivers come in way underallowed though, so that may be it...
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    I'm lmao. Thats a good one!
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    Glad you enjoyed it. I have a 99 Super Glide.
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    '06 Ultra Black Cherry,Andrews 26g's,pcIII,stage 1,dynotuned Jackpots,too much other crap to mention.
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    "Hoping to go to Helen?" Better tell me so that I can change the sheets in the guest room. More than welcome. Bring that bad boy with you too!
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    That would be Helen of Georgia,Helen of California. But thanks for the invite!