Buy-Out Rumors

I had read several weeks ago UPS had bought out 194 corporate management
personnel at $40,000 each plus the stock options.

Is it a possibility that the same is true for the higher seniority employees to
be offered the same or similar proposal to entice more YES votes and clear
the way for some of the younger generation ?

Of course as I stated I have heard several different (Rumors) as to this being
a part of the new contract offer. Just curious if you may have heard the same
or something similar.
My opinion is that you have a better chance of being struck by lightning than getting a buyout. They aren't going to spend 6 Billion on the pension and then throw more money at you to leave. Where does that benefit them? When they buyout management for the younger generation, they're generally replacing a high salary with a more modest one. Buying out a driver replaces him or her with a driver... making exactly the same amount. There are no savings. In fact, it costs them more because of the money they've spent buying the senior driver out. They younger guy might be a little more productive, but not enough to make up for the money they spent.

If they want the senior drivers out, they best way for them to do it is to offer an attractive retirement package again, and then load your ass up every day until you decide that it isn't worth it to stay any more.....