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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by bbsam, Feb 12, 2011.

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    I was watching a little Fox News today and they played a short portion of John Bolton speaking. Now I know that politics is much about exageration and hyperbole, but there was something a little odd. Every time Bolton would speak of the serious and difficult problems facing the United States in the foreign affairs, he would back it up with strong reservations and doubt about the ability of the current administration to rise to the challenge. The strange thing was that each time the crowd would erupt in cheers. Really? Seems like that would be a cause for a somber attitude, even more so than the one called for at the Tuscon memorial/rally. Or is it really pure politics and nothing more?
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    I am not being a wise guy but you strike me as sharper than you statement.
    Is your statement pure politics ??
    At a liberal of left gathering that would speak about the lack of a right wing administration to handle a serious problem that would be result in cheers --would you condemn this also ?? As you know right or left claiming the other side are idiots happpens everyday .
    It is PURE politics ?--of course it is ---and people that are stuck -right or left will react the same way--In my opinion Independants can stand back make intelligent decisions because they are not waving pom-poms for either side.
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    No. The question is not pure politics. I know that on social issues I am pretty much left leaning but socially I am far more conservative. I'm not a big fan of the left although I would probably be branded as such. I view myself as a Clinton Democrat. That being said, I have never heard a left leaning speech like that before, probably because I tune them out just about as quickly as I would tune out John Bolton on most days. So the question I'm really asking is if people are really that afraid of the Obama's, the Clinton's, Pannetta's, and the Gate's, and the James Jones types that are steering the course? I think that's a pretty fair mixture of right, left, and center having all points of view heard. Now that I think about it, I didn't have much faith in Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, and Rumsfeld, but I don't think bringing up their percieved failings would not have had me cheering. Maybe it's true. Maybe I'm more an independent than I realize.
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    That is you --not cheering about anyones failings that would hurt all of us left or right . I applaud you and feel the same way.

    My point with a very young ,very right group that attends c-pac -they will cheer any thing like kool aide idiots.
    A very young group of left wing wackos would have the same weak traits !!!
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    I was cheering Allen West as the keynote speaker. He has more on the ball right now than Borat ever had or would hope to have. Having West as a candidate would cancel out the race issue in a campaign. The one where I'm a racist if I don't like Obama. I'm sick of hearing that!
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    What about Alan Keyes? Last time he ran, everybody loved his positions. Couldn't get 1% of the vote, but they loved what he said at the debates. But that was then, this is now. I think a West/Obama race would be interesting.
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    Tim Pawlenty during his CPAC speech.

    Actually, it's another "Face" playing it up to the booboisie!

    And Pawlenty also like muslim radicals advocated violence towards the sitting US Gov't! He never said such when the other Obama was in charge from 2001' to 2009'!

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    People need to know that C-Pac only amounts to about 3700 people.........so anything from it, like straw polls, etc...doesn't really convey the feelings of all Americans. So what percent is 3700 people of all the people in the US?? Mathmeticians??
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    :wink2:Very small percent!!! .0001
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    What's been said not only about previous CPAC polls but other polls as well is worth considering but before we do let's look at the coverage of last year's winner in Ron Paul (Ron won again this year too).


    But what did they say when Ron was no where to be seen at all and how was that coverage given?


    What about the Iowa Straw Poll winner in Mitt Romney?


    All these polls are BS, are all store bought including Ron's, are nothing more than spin jobs and really meaningless (McCain finished down the line but was the nominee) but these events are polling an audience packed by the candidates with their supporters. To sell this as somehow reflective of true conditions is a bit dishonest to say the least but then we are talking about politics and politicians are we not?

    Like the media and it's own hypocracy, I also detect a bit of hypocracy here as well because had the winner been say an Alan West for example, you'd have heard menu plans and place settings being detailed for inauguration night in 2013' but then we all fall for this trap and if we stop doing it, so to will these whitewash events and hopefully a more serious discussion will take place.
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    You know what's funny.......out in the middle of the Mojave desert on the drive to Vegas there is an exit that has an old filling station.....maybe it's called Jeremy's, can't recall....but, a shed on property says vote for Ron Paul and it's years & years deteriorated.....even prior to the '08 elections. It's one of those sites like Rocka Hoola Park in Newbury Springs......just a run down eye sore.
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    Look at it close and look for a 1988' date as he ran for President as the libertarian candidate back then and it could be one of those signs. Then again, if it's far enough out, maybe no one told somebody that it's pass 1988' now!
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    Whatcha trying to say there, more :happy-very:
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    At this point, I like Herman Cain.
  16. Jones

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    I kinda like John Huntsman, but he's a loooong shot.
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    Your right about that long shot. A republican who supports cap and trade is not going to make it very far.
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    Oh he's toast for sure. I just like that he's proficient in Mandarin Chinese. Might come in handy dealing with our new Over Lords.
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    Sounds like a good candidate for a cabinet position for a Sarah appointee.....hehehe