Can I get fired?

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  1. My license expires tomorrow and on my lunch break today I went to get it renewed , but i couldn't do so because i have a commercial license and I needed my dot card. But earlier this week, i lost my license that had my dot card taped to the back of it. But i had a backup license. So now my doctor office is closed to get a new one until monday . And now my supervisor is threatening me saying Im going to get fired if i dont handle it by monday. I know i should of been handle this, but we have atleast three extra drivers a day. If i was a bum driver they wouldbt have a problem with giving me off. Bit since im a stud and i work hard its always a problem when i need off. But my supervisor is basically saying i will be fired if i cant get it handles. Which im not going to be able to because doctor office is closed. Oh yea my birthday is tomorrow
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    Yes, you can - and will be - fired for attempting to drive without a license. If you're scheduled to work (e.g. you did not previously request time off), the company is not responsible for giving you the day off so that you may renew your license, even if it has extra persons available to work.

    Even if you called in (and did not have an attendance issue), they could potentially ask for proof that you were a licensed driver on Monday - and if you weren't, they could attempt to fire you. Probably wouldn't go that far unless they really wanted to get rid of you though....
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    Happy Birthday?
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    The company doctor that issued your DOT card can issue a duplicate. You can not just go to any doctor and get a card. They are company specific. I don't think this a big deal.
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    the details of this story sound fishy

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    Sounds fishy, you say?

  7. Why does it sound fishy? Let me know why? I have never been done anything wrong or been in major trouble. I got a warning letter 6 months ago for not my putting my lunch in my board. And i only did that two times in two years. And they get on me for not going to help someone everyday. But im a reliable and responsible driver. I seen this happen to two other bum drivers and they gave them right off.
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    Just call in sick and take care of it.
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    Anyone smell that?
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    Who says you need DOT card with CDL renewal?

    Been retired for, almost, 3 yrs now. Had to get my license renewed. Asked, "You want everything endorsed as before? Motorcycle, Double/Triples, etc.?" I said, "Most definitely". Took eye test, passed (I lied), paid my $, walked out with new CDL. BINGO!
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    Yeah Dot and license renewal are two separate things. Being DOT certified should have nothing to do with renewing a license.
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    You do know,in many states,you can renew your license up to 364 days in advance of it's expiration?

    Call in and go take care of it.
  13. I went to the license center today, they said for me to renew my commercial license they need copy of dot card. Lady said i can renew it without it but i will lose my commercial license. And the doctor that issue the dot card is closed until monday. And the license center is not open until tuesday if i cant get it done tomorrow.
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    What state?
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    The company should have a copy of your DOT card
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    Every state is different. In NJ licenses renew every 4 yrs. I've had a CDL since they came out with them, only on the last go round in 2012 I had to produce DOT card. I also have a passenger endorsement and they have to have a copy of your fingerprints. In previous years I had to get refingerprinted this time I contacted the bus unit and they said they were "archived". When I renewed my license there was some screw up about that and I had to sit in the corner while they checked with the bus unit. After sitting in the corner for an extra 20 min or so they gave me my license. (I want to keep the bus endorsement).

    It might be some new requirement because while I was online someone else came us with a copy of a letter they'd gotten in the mail that if they didn't produce a copy of a DOT card Motor Vehicle was going to revoke their CDL. The guy said he didn't drive a truck he just didn't want to give up the CDL, the clerk just shrugged, said not DOT, no endorsement.

    The OP can go to any doctor, get a DOT physical and card, it won't be an "official UPS" doctor and card but it doesn't have to be for DMV.

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    Sounds like you're taking a sick day next work day
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    New Dot law in Texas now says you have to mail in a copy of your DOT card to Drivers License's place ever time you get a new card. Failure to do so and you loose your commercial license and have to start over including all written test and driving test to get a new one. Not sure about any other states though.
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    Here's another genius driver who did something ignorant again. I hope you get fired, you should be.
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    A 19 yr old kid who doesn't know how to drive sounds pretty ignorant to me too.