Can someone please explain this to me?????

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    I've been a union member all my 18 years at UPS. I go to alot of websites and forums pertaining to UPS employees and other teamsters members which I go read alot of bashing of TDU which I dont' understand. "Oh TDU trying to break up the union", "Oh there he goes with that propaganda, he must be TDU". When and how has TDU tried to break up the union? If it wasn't for TDU there never would've been a 9.5 rule, NO 22.3 combos, NO detailed info on our pensions, NO info on some of the corruption that goes on within our union to name a few. Alot union members would lead you to believe that Hoffa is doing a great job which we also would believe if it wasn't for TDU. So can someone out there please explain the TDU discontent?
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    Teamsters for a Democrat Union

    "We reserve the right to limit membership in TDU"

    That's pretty much explains it (no it's probably not a direct quote as I used their rag for toilet paper, but if you look on the inside cover you'll see what I'm talking about).

    Oh, and I think the accomplishments listed are credited to the wrong people, although I'll happily give them credit for the 22.3 disaster.
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    I don't know much about TDU, but I have gotten some good info from their site. I know from my own reading about Hoffa from other sites that he is not for the union itself. A Lot of questions have to be answered like, why the panels have been deadlocked for some many years over the same issues. I don't pay dues into to something that will not give at least an explanation on why the issues are not being addressed. Not knocking you guys who are very hard union people and I will stand up and fight the good fight, but how is it that Hoffa has all of the charges given to him and we hear nothing about it. I did not get this info from TDU. I came across it last month from a blog post and looked into it further and found the ruling by the Election Sup about what he found. I don't know about Sandy Pope either. I have been a steward for over 16 years and have never seen the union so weak on enforcing issues. I'm fed up with some full-timers and then I see some full-timers telling me to shut up and be happy that I have a job and insurance, then the very same people come to me wanting to be nice and sign for support for the Hoffa/hall slate. We have in our local issues waiting to be heard since 08', 09', 10, and on and on. We have went to meetings and have been told to have a seat we are just part-timers. So, many at the local have been waiting to see what happens in our local election and the national election and if they don't change it they are getting out and invest the $60 to $70 a month in the 401k. I know I will get the hand up the B*** on this statment but I don't care. We have group grievances that have been signed by over 100 people and still nothing from the local for the past year. We have wrote letters to them and gone to meetings but they still give look like, "What do you want from us". Well I want some action the same ol' Bull S***.
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    Same reason there is a lot of discontent with UPS ... except UPS pays for everything including the Teamsters.
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    What did the TDU have to do with the things you listed? Who are the TDU? Is it that Sandy Pope? I emailed them about a situation I was having and the only response I got back was "give me money".
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    TDU = union reformists
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    Lol and this is type bs i'm talking about. I find it hard the believe the only answer you got from TDU is give me more money. A crooked preacher got a better line than that to get money out folks. Lets see, you pay dues every month to Hoffa & Company. Hows you thinks thats been working out for you?
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    Explain that sir and is reform really bad concerning our union cause I think change is badly needed.
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    The Teamster Benefit Divide

    Hoffa let UPS pull out of the Central States and gave UPS Freight a free pass on paying Teamster benefits.

    Now Teamster members are paying the price.

    Read the full article and see how your pension benefits stack up at

    Will YRC Re-Enter Pension Plans?

    Will YRC Teamsters start earning pension credits again when the concession agreement expires?

    When the concession agreement with YRC expires on December 31, will Teamsters start getting pension credits again? This question is critically important to thousands of Teamsters and to our union’s future in freight.

    Get the latest news on freight pensions at

    Beating Management at the Grievance Game

    How can you protect members and enforce the contract when management is trying to derail the grievance procedure?

    The grievance procedure is supposed to protect members from unfair discipline and hold the company accountable to the contract.

    Management plays a variety of games to derail the grievance procedure and undermine our rights.

    We interviewed experienced Teamster stewards about common company tactics—and how stewards and members can beat management at the grievance game.

    Read the educational article at

    Get the Latest Issue of Teamster Voice

    The latest issue of Teamster Voice is out.

    Do you get a copy? Click here to subscribe today (a subscription is included when you join TDU).

    This is it.
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    TDU is a good watch dog to keep an eye out and inform us of what goes on at the IBT that they dont. Have you ever seen the National panel on the IBT's site? Just an example.

    At the same time they do alot to attack our union and very rarely do they ever point out the positives that also go on. I know alot of people that belong to the TDU and they are good people and actually care.

    I had a friend who went to the convention this last Nov and when he asked for fliers on Sandy's stance at UPS on the issues, one of teh TDU guys said sign up and Ill give it to you.

    Its like anything in life, you have some good people and a few bad people will ruin it for the good ones. IMO
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    I emailed the TDU a few months ago with a question. I did get an informed answer but....... I also got a request to join. Since they cannot collect dues they have to get the money to run the operation somehow. I don't agree with a response of "pay up then we'll tell/help you" though. Maybe if they helped people first without asking for funds they'd get some free positive publicity and in return maybe more support.
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    That was my problem with them. They asked for funds before even responding to my question. I understand the need for funds, but, when someone emails a plea for help, do not take advantage. You will not garner my respect or gain access to my checkbook.
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    They are not using the funds like Hoffa does. No golfing and gambling with ups brass; tdu funds go for ups teamsters best interest
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    When a person calls for help, do you put your hand out first? Sounds like one of those churchs on the TV.
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    Hoffa & Company been taking your money without asking for the last 8 yrs plus, what have you seen from it? I can tell you, not a GOTDAMN THING!!!
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    Why would I want a repeat?
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    Without asking? Didn't you sign up? Do me a favor then, turn in your membership card and pension. Next time the company rapes you, good luck finding a TDU rep to keep you working.
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    First of all, most of us Didn't vote Hoffa in as president in the 1st place. Ron Carey was doing a great job during his term. But best believe come election time this year we will definitely be showing Hoffa & Company the door, so you should be able to rest your Hoffa pom poms come nov.
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    Fat chance buddy regardless of how YOU feel about the Hoffa slate there is no real opposition. Pope can't even get a whole slate together and neither can the other guy I already forgot his name. Gegaire I think