Can you believe this? I can't.

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by No Name, Oct 1, 2006.

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    I'm not using my screen name here because by relating an actual event it would be too easy for someone to connect the dots. This event is true; I wish it was not.

    One day last week our air was late. It arrived just as the PCM ended. So we have a driver sort and load. WRONG! The decision was made that the center did not need that extra sort and load time charged against the preload operation and all the drivers were told to leave the building. We left the building with our air sitting on the dock. Let me repeat that; we left the building with our air sitting on the dock. I know some of you old school guys are reading this in disbelief. If we had left the building with that air we could have made service on at least 95% of the stops. As it was, only the savers were delivered on time because we have extended areas and by the time the air was shuttled out to us the commit time was history. For the sake of hiding some numbers on a report, hundreds of customers did not get the service that they paid for ( our premium service ).

    From the UPS Charter:

    We believe that integrity and excellence are the core of all we do.

    We believe that attention to our customers’ changing needs is central to the success of UPS.

    We serve the evolving distribution, logistics, and commerce needs of our customers worldwide, offering excellence and value in all we do.

    We maintain an environment that enables us to treat every customer as if they are our only one.
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    How silly you are to quote the policy book in 2006. Do you really think we hold the same ethics we did before we went public? You do know why this is done....right.....The preloads are under tremendous pressure to show the gains being made by the PAS system. UPS has billions invested and needs to show the street what a great idea it was. Preload numbers are more important than Casey's philosophies my friend. So to answer your question, YES i can believe it. Seen it before and it'll happen again. Very very very sad but true. Personally makes me SICK to my stomach!!!!!
  3. SmithBarney

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    Its ok, last year I think during peak
    I returned to building to get some more work
    and I was instructed not to touch a pile of packages.

    I told the OMS, that I was taking 20 packages for an hours work.
    the OMS about flipped.. I just told THe OMS, would you like your package
    to be left behind when you were expecting it? about 1/3 of the packages
    were air or saver, to non commit areas...
    Needless to say the OMS left me alone and I made service on some of that pile.
  4. speeddemon

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    UPS upper MNGT. could not care less about our customers. Its all about numbers now. Thats what will kill this company.
  5. Keepingthemhonest

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    :( this makes baby jesus cry :(
  6. rod

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    Just got off the phone with my financial planner. Told him to sell the ups stock. It's a sinking ship. It's just plain sad to see a once GREAT company being flushed down the toilet by a small group of idiots that shouldn't be allowed to run a kool-aid stand. Back in the 70's I believe it was Time or News Week magazine did a story on UPS and I still remember the one line that said the only way UPS could fail was if bad management took over. Looks like whoever wrote that story had a crystal ball.
  7. moreluck

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    Rod....don't leave us hanging!! Where is your planner investing that will make you money and also make enough to pay the taxes on your sale of UPS stock? What's good now?
  8. CTOTH

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    This is a smart man.
  9. VoiceOfReason

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    A genius. Make sure science gets his DNA so he can be cloned later to populate the world with financial masterminds. Good lord.

    I agree its a sad day to leave the air on the belts when it can make service but to sell all your stock over one operations stupidity?
  10. rod

    rod retired and happy

    The writings on the wall people. I didn't have that much stock left to begin with. Voice of Reason, do you really think this is just "one operations stupidity"? These are orders coming down from high up to all center managers. If they aren't then it's just the old game of figures lie and liars figure and more management will be out the door for cooking the books. I saw it happen 3 different times at the center I worked at for 30 years but the difference was the management was actually trying to make service on packages unlike what is being describe on this post. There is a big difference between a manager changing an employees time card so he don't go over 60 hours and a manager that would actually leave air undelivered just to make his sort look good on paper. They both deserve to be thrown out with the garbage but at least the first one was trying to make service. UPS sounds like it has sunk to new lows.
  11. norm

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    Yeah, right Rod. You've got millions in UPS stock. We all believe you.

    You're just another little bitter man that thinks posting your rage filled rants here will get back at your old supervisor because he hurt your feelings. Instead of spewing bile on the internet maybe you should try doing something productive with your time.
  12. rngri4

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    It was one of your OMS Co-Workers in an earlier post that told someone not to touch to chime in on that? That is the problem with OMS's they think, like you, they know everything about PM Dispatching, guess what they dont, and I saw our PM OMS get fired today....for PM Dispatching Etc, and some other stuff, just like you say you do....remember, these are not your drivers, talk to their sups, you as a part time OMS really have no authority, and will be the first to get the axe!
  13. disneyworld

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    That's because the majority of customers don't care if NDA are late. Very few of them are actually waiting for something by 10:30(at least with my experiences). If more of them started to call for a refund then things might change. But then again UPS would probably lie about weather in certain areas or come up with the line "Read the fine print".
  14. disneyworld

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    How about we start worrying about the F***** customers,you know,the ones that really sign our checks.Stop worrying about the F***** books,stockholders,numbers,etc. This company is drifting way off course.We're just drowning in the BS.
  15. pstdrvr

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    I've been inside for a little while now on light duty, its amazing the hiding and games with pkgs that go on on a daily basis after the drivers leave!!!!! I found a skid of pkgs marked futured and closed 1x when I know for a fact they were open. This company has become an absolute disgrace.
  16. Raw

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    It sounds like Voice of Reason may be the suck er I mean person to buy our stock!
  17. speeddemon

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    Register you loser
  18. over9five

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    I'm with Rod. Sell your stock now.

    (You'll be able to buy it back reeeeeal cheap in 2008)
  19. rod

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    Spoken like the true little peon management you are. Stick you head back in the sand you puppet on a string. By the way I'm a big bitter man that is saddened by the direction that upper management is taking UPS.
  20. rod

    rod retired and happy

    truer words were never spoken. now that is gooooood financial advise.