Can't drive after you retire?

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    I have heard that once you retire from UPS that the union will not pay out your pension if you take any non-union driving job? Not sure if this is true or not. I was told that one of our old drivers that retired had to quit a job driving an airport shuttle bus because it was non-union. Union threatened to stop his pension. Then he started delivering newspapers in the morning and they said he couldn't do that either. Just wondering if anyone else has heard of this happening? Also, how would the union even know what he is doing.:confused:1
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    They don't allow you to work in the same field that you retired from. That eliminates most delivery work. They wait until you file for retirement before they share these facts with you. They also yearly mail a form to your address where you must disclose any work that you did that year. You earn a pension from these folks and then you think you are free to go do whatever you want, but they still exercise control over you. There may be a relaxing of these rules when you hit 65, but I'm not sure of that.
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    Someone told me that you couldn't work at all and still collect a pension. I would go crazy not having anything meaningful to do all day. Oh well. The way things are going now I'll keel over dead behind the wheel of a package car when I'm 90.
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    Teamsters Joint Council 83 has similar rules. I plan to challenge those rules when my time comes. Recently the President of Teamsters Local 822 resigned/retired and accepted another job. He went to work for a company the local had been working to organize. He now fights those efforts while collecting a TJC 83 pension check. Sadly, others have been denied benefits because of the employment they held.

    I plan to continue working when I retire from UPS. I also expect to collect on the pension UPS contributed to during my 25 years of service.
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    There is a simple solution to letting the teamsters telling us what to do ? Get rid of them and their rules - Answer to our problems :w00t:
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    I second that! We need out own union that will look out for our best intrest and not these multiemployer slush funds that
    the teamsters control. UPS dollars for UPS employes!
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    If I'm not mistaken that was one issue in the 97 strike. UPS wanted UPS dollars to go to UPS employees. Teamsters won that one. The unfortunate thing regarding the multi employer pension plan is when there were tons of union carriers, everybody's piece of the pie was smaller, however, once the union carriers started going out of business, just a handful of companies are left. UPS being the biggest contributor, and the teamsters have pensions to pay, doesn't matter from what source.
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    I retired on a 25 and out (actually 26 1/2) at age 57. After sitting for a few months I took a job as a van driver taking people to and from the airport. I checked with my local before taking the job and they said it was no problem. I should be receiving the form about if I'm working soon and I'll see what happens.
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    I find it difficult to believe someone could be a Teamster for at least 25 years and claim they had no knowledge of the work limits regarding what one could engage in upon retirement.

    What I'm saying is the information is there and I would hope someone considering retirement within several years would take the time to research what changes will be forthcoming in their life.

    The specifics of this rule are subject to different interpretation from one coast to the other. By and large one cannot retire, draw a pension and then assume employment in a position that competes with a Teamster occupation. Different opinions for different people. To me it makes sense, as I would not care to have a retiree doing similar work as myself in a nonunion position undercutting my living. Nuff Said....
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    I didn't sign a contract or agree to any rules concerning my pension plan. I was given no choice as to which pension plan I would be covered under. The Teamsters and UPS agreed to a set amount to be paid into the Teamster Plan. The Teamsters in turn decide how much my monthly pension will be whether I like it or not. I plan to continue working in my retirement years whether the Teamsters like it or not. Should they (Teamsters) have a problem with my retirement employment, a judge and or jury will make the decision.

    As stated in an earlier post, the Teamsters are allowing a former local president to collect a pension. A pension being paid to a man working everyday to keep the union (Teamsters) out of a local branch of a national company.
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    It appears to me the do's & don'ts in retirement depend on your Local .........we had a retired mechanic caught driving a trac/trlr and was penalized 1 month pension pay plus a warning next time of more severe action . Former co-workers have been known to report retirees working in truck-related businesses .
    However with our Local , if its not " trucking" related they will give you the go-ahead . Most retirees are just looking for a little something :thumbup1: ................not a lot of ............:thumbdown
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    If you are a UPS Teamster, you are currently working under rules covered in a collective bargaining agreement between your Union and Employer. In turn the Union has established rules governing disbursement of benefits covered in that collective bargaining agreement. Among those benefits would be retirement pension. You may believe the pension currently accuring on your behalf is owned by you and you are entitled to it no matter what rules apply to it. In fact you are only vested in the pension rights and as such will only receive retirement benefits per the pension rules. To say you never signed an agreement consenting to rules governing pension disbursement is interesting but not germaine to collecting pension under the rules.

    I agree the issue of the former Local President as you described previously is not right. However in reality it will probably not bolster legal justification should one choose to defy pension rules.
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    depends on your local and your pension plan. Some allow you to work when retired.
  14. rod

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    When I retired a friend who had retired a couple of years earlier asked me if I wanted to hire on where he was working. ($9.00 an hour). My response to him was "if I wanted to work I would of stayed at UPS and made good money." After goofing off for five years I now have a couple of FUN part time jobs (that don't tell anyone but) I would do for nothing . I had no trouble at all clearing these jobs through the union. The question "how would the union know if you were working a job you shouldn't be" was brought up at a union meeting one time and the answer was "your FRIENDS would tell us". When I heard that I though no way but yes it is true. They will.
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    I have 2 friends that have taken on jobs after UPS. One union and one non union. The union job was shuttling people in a casino parking lot in Iowa - and the union got bent out of shape over it. The second is in Chicago, working for non union company. So I guess if it's a non union job - who cares about the teamsters. I haven't spoken to either guys in a while, but the Iowa got was upset when approched abou this part time job. The guy in Chicago retired with the 30 years and out at 48 years of age and is enjoying life.
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    Does anyone know what kind of part-time jobs the Central States Pension Fund will allow you to do.
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    Hi everybody. First time posting. I've had a hard time getting to this point.But finally made it.

    Each local is different. In our local we can only work up to 48
    hrs per month doing a job that may be a union job. Example. I could only work at Costco in the shipping and receiving dept up to 48 hrs per month. Thats handling packages. but on the other hand. I could work 40 or more hrs a week doing the checkout or in the photo dept. You can work retail or anything that does not entail a union type job. You could work for Fedex or DHL but not more than 48 hrs per month. But if anybody retiring in our local was to move to another area like the west coast or Florida out of our local they could do any type of job they wanted to.I am retiring in Jan. of 2008 and have looked into this as recent as mid Jan. of this year.There are plenty of options if you do want to work.
  18. SmithBarney

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    You can be a Wal-Mart Greeter ;)
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    once retired nothing is ok with teamsters even part-time jobs in CS, A driver we had drove a hearst part-time and teamsters told him what he made would be deducted from his pension. He then said ok he would just work inside the funeral home, they still told him he would have the difference deducted. How many unionized funeral homes and hearst drivers are there out there?
  20. Channahon

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    Sounds to me like the teamsters are scrambling to save some bucks. Never worked in the mortuary business, but most are family owned.
    Not sure if the teamsters have their hand in that business. Maybe Trickpony1 may know