Cant wait for another great working day

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  1. I am so looking forward for another 180 stops plan day, with a helper in baggy pants and a t shirt (street clothes) and working until I am finish. I see how we are saving so much money by cutting routes and adding to our loads, and having part timers working almost 10 hr days. I thank you for all the OT and I am really liking the extra cash.......:happy-very:
  2. Monkey Butt

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    Life is good!
    Life is what you make it.
  3. Anonymous 10

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    There killing me to buddy 64 stops one day the next 73 the nerve of these guys.
  4. soberups

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    It was pretty hot here yesterday. The driver who delivered to the house next door looked all sweaty and miserable. I was going to go say hi to him but I was worn out from playing golf and my dog was curled up on my feet on the couch and we were both covered with a blanket due to my AC being set at too low of a temp. So I just continued with my nap. I am headed up to the mountains in a couple of days for a week of camping and fishing, so I need my rest. Only 3.3 weeks of vacation left.........:happy-very:
  5. rod

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    Man - I would shoot myself if I had to think about going back to UPS in 3.3 weeks:happy2:


    You didn't offer him a beverage???? Man If I see the driver by my house I always ask ....
  7. soberups

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    I dont need to offer. He knows where I live and if he wants something cold to drink or needs to use the john he knows he can just come on over and help himself.
  8. hellfire

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    good to know if i am ever in your neck of the woods and i need to take a dump im set ..........
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    Man. That sounds like my entire summer so far.
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    I'm still trying to figure out why you'd turn your AC so low, you now need a blanket!!!
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    In my local; UPS has to have an agreement with the Local to use helpers outside of NOV and Dec. If this is the case in your local then grievances need to be filed. Air drivers should have first crack at delivering these packages at air driver wage not driver helper wage or more full time drivers should be hired. Keep track of all helper hours and file.
  12. soberups

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    Because I can.
  13. Bubblehead

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    He is a screamin chicken, so he doesn't file grievances.
    He just complains on the internet about how the union doesn't do anything about it.
    It's a good system?
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    97 here today with a heat index of 105+.........should be another fun day.
  15. look Bubblehead the user name is the bird on a Trans Am, I am by far chicken of anything with the job I can promise you, I have on many occasion let the union know about the situation that we are in and all of the shady things that are going on at my center and with you and a few others find it almost impossible that it really could be happing and say it's all me. Count your blessing that your center is nothing like mine. I call to talk to a union rep. they are always on the road, and I am told I will get a call back, after weeks I finally get a call back and they tell me to work as instructed.
    I have called the hotline and I have a nice paper trail on all the harrasment , I also keep a log on my own with times, and names of the sups. that have done or said anything about me. In time when needed I will get my Lawyer involved....

    Also they have some sort of agreement on using the helpers now with the Union, They just cut routes and give us peak loads and use these PT helpers for like 10 hrs. and even in street clothes. Bubblehead your mind most be cloudy great user name buddy...
  16. Bubblehead

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    Mr Screaming Chicken, first off I apologize for how I came off.
    Tie Guy had kind of wound up at the time of that post.
    I've read alot of your posts and maybe have drawn the wrong conclusion?
    Your posts continually speak off contractual violations, but never of grievances filed.
    Phone calls do not empower the union to do anything.
    Many people, including were I am domiciled, do the same thing.
    All talk, no backbone.
    I'm sorry if that's not you.
    Please know, that just like with the company, you have options if the union isn't doing their job as well.
    If you feel you are not being properly represented, there are places you can turn.
    Namely the International and the NLRB.
    I am also dissappointed with the Teamsters at times but have come to realize, in this era of corporate greed, without the union we would be toast.
    So I've concluded, that to sit back and not get involved makes me part of the problem.
    We are only as strong as the sum of our members and the time is now to take our union back.
    Your local officials are elected into office every three years.
    Maybe you guys need a new group in there next term.
    Don't give up and get involved.
  17. i agree, most file and they just sit in the center manager office, we are going to come together and solve this hopefully. The PCM today was about why we are going out with 180-200 stops and the answer was that we are not making any profit and we may be broke, I laughed thats a good cover up....
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    When people ask me what my favorite job has been at UPS, I always reply UPS Driver.
    Not sure I would have answered that way today ... If I was on the road today I think I would have had a heat stroke.
  19. brown bomber

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    regarding UPS "being broke".......just check the recently released quarterly numbers.....I believe profit rose 90%, compared to the previous they gave positive guidance for the remainder of the blew away the expected numbers on Wall Street
  20. Backlasher

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    1st break 9:05-9:15(driven)
    2nd break 9:16-9:26(still driven)
    118 stops 260pcs.
    and 32 192pcs. @72 miles. pickups later
    Lunch at 18:25-18:55.(driven)
    Punch out 19:00.
    I love break time. Cough...
    1st week on this route so maybe i'll clock out earlier end of next week.
    Route has a split added on that screws up my compliance with delivering commercial and having pickups slotted same time frame but 50 blocks away from each other.

    If my #'s improve will I eventually start having real breaks or will they add more work?

    I thought we all needed a joke so I had 2 throw that out. LoL.