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  1. 0702

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    Good morning. I was offered a casual feeder position starting at 30/hr.

    The feeder manager I spoke with told me that he has more work than drivers, even outside the peak season, so there would be a good chance of being hired on permanently after the layoff if I performed well.

    I didn’t think to ask at that point, but should that scenario play out, would they hire back at the $30/hr. or would I begin the bottom rung of step progression at a much lower rate?
  2. ManInBrown

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    First off never believe anything they tell you. They’ll say anything to get you in the door. We had 42 casuals last year in my building at peak. Not one was brought back yet. And yes, you do go back down to starting pay if you’re hired permanently.
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  3. 0702

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    That's a bummer. I could hack the layoff and float my way to work toward permanent, even if it takes some time, but that starting pay and step progression makes it a non-starter. Things I wish I would have known when I was in my early 20's before I had a family to support.
  4. They're lying to you. They will not hire you as a feeder driver sorry to inform you. Your destination is casual only.
  5. 0702

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    Even though the position in the hiring website was updated when I interviewed to “Casual Feeder Driver”?

    Such a bizarre operating environment.
  6. HR lies to everyone.
  7. burrheadd

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  8. 0702

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    All my frustrations with my company aside, I couldn’t deal with that type of environment.

    Hats off to those who can/did.
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  9. silenze

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    If you give us your location we might be able to give you a better idea. Some parts of the country are really hard up for drivers
  10. 0702

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    This was for the Norwood, MA center.
  11. wayfair

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    Ups freight?
  12. RolloTony Brown Town

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    I heard Norwood is short feeder drivers
  13. 0702

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    So that also begs the question, why wouldn’t they hire permanent?
  14. Benefits and pension
  15. RolloTony Brown Town

    RolloTony Brown Town Active Member

    With no seniority why should they put the burden on themselves? You may suck and by hiring you as a casual they have less of a liability.
  16. Trash Panda

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    Consider it a trial period. They like to try it before they buy it. I worked last peak then planned on coming back for summer vacation coverage. Got a perm offer instead due to some other variables going on. Just got to plan for it. Financially and with family.
  17. Good for you. Pretty much they lie to almost everyone
  18. Yeet

    Yeet Inbound, turnaround, go to town

    You mean like us? We have 500 and I hear talk of them trying to get to 700.
  19. Sweeper

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    I’ve heard the same thing, Norwood is short feeder drivers.
  20. Trash Panda

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    I lurked and read a lot of threads and had my doubts. Kept hearing on ‘how good of a time’ i hired in at. Which made me wonder where the axe was lol.