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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by sendagain616, Oct 3, 2003.

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    Any of you Central States folks heard any news lately about any of the employeement after retirement rules.A driver from my center has gone to night school and will graduate with his masters in dec and wonts to teach at one of the local schools, but has been told that in order to, he will ahve to forfeit his pension....
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    It is my understanding that we have gone back to the original rules--No union job in the same/similar industry...

    Now they want to raise the age to 57, for 30 and out. I can't believe that there is not more outrage about this. For me, it means working an an additional 9 years instead of 4!
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    Rumor here is only change to pension is that you must be age 57 to get insurance, and that will be increased by additional $50 per month. Anyone heard different?
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    Where are ya'll hearing this disturbing news? I have heard nothing here in what ever district we are about to be in. If it's true it is a slap in the face to those of us that are close, and a long haul for those that are just beginning.
    Please, just the facts Mam.
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    I believe the pension funds are in the process of changing the rules because of the lackluster performance of the stock market and the increase in the number of employees taking the early retirement option. I'm not covered by Central States, although I received a letter about a month ago from the New England pension fund, outlining some rule changes, which reflect the above. I can understand the concerns about the retirement work rules. The New England pension fund rules currently allow one to work up to 39 hours per week. If one works over 39 hours certain restrictions are in place, in regards to the type of job one accepts and also one's geographical area. What this boils down to is don't bother looking for work at FedEx or a related trucking industry competitor, for example. Hope this comparison helps. Did you guys receive any information in the mail about any changes in the Central States rules?
  6. pretender

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    I was told this be a steward, who had attended a special meeting on the subject. No decisions have been made yet...

    If the pension fund has become such a hardship for the union, maybe they can inquire if UPS is still interested in taking it over...
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    As one who is also covered by Central States I understand the concern but we made our bed in 1997' so now we must sleep in it no matter how bad it is or can get. JMO.

    My advice to everyone is max out those 401k's because I'm not convinced the pension fund will be there for the longhaul. Again JMO.