Christmas eve?

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    Hey guys, I work on the night sort and do sat. air driving, and about 2 weeks ago myself and another co-worker who does sat. air driving were talking about if we were working Christmas eve. We were told that we weren't.(Driving, not the actual sort)

    Last night when I went into work my ft supervisor came up to me and handed me a paper and of course I look down on it and it says, "ALL AIR DRIVERS AND SATURDAY AIR DRIVERS YOU WILL BE WORKING CHRISTMAS EVE DO NOT MAKE PLANS." and it figures that I have plans to go out to dinner with my family that night.

    But my question is, is a saturday air driver, not an actual Air driver forced to work? They told us we would have the same routes we had when we had to go out the day after thanksgiving, and I was actually doing letter boxes at night which for some reason just doesn't really make sense to me being that its Christmas eve...where would these letters end up going? I feel like they wouldn't even leave the building?

    Any answers would be much appreciated and sorry for the kind of long post, I tried to space it out enough to make it easy to read, Thanks :happy-very:
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    Tell your family to bring you some leftovers.
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    Family is the most important thing they will understand.
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    How's your attendance record?
    Call off if you can afford it attendancewise.
    It's only 1 occurrence.
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    Just to let you know you will not be doing the same route you had the day after thanksgiving. Every route will be on X-mass eve.

    Ups is only picking up NDA and at that only those that are pre-arranged. If you go to a letter box and open it and there is packages that are not NDA just close the box and leave them there.

    IF you would like to become a FT driver at some point I would advise you not to call in.
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Ups is only picking up NDA and at that only those that are pre-arranged. If you go to a letter box and open it and there is packages that are not NDA just close the box and leave them there.

    This is poor advice. Take everything in the box--the ground will just sit in the center.

    IF you would like to become a FT driver at some point I would advise you not to call in.

    Unlike Bubbles' advice, this is good advice. No one else wants to be there either and will be :censored2: that you chose to screw them by calling in.
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    Not only would they be :censored2: at you. You need to work the day before and the day after to get holiday pay.
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    It's Peak, that's what we do. Go to work.
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    First off, getting an opportunity to become a fulltime driver has everything to do with seniority and nothing to do with merit. A call in would not have anything to do with his number coming up.

    Secondly, had he been told all along that he had to work I would agree, go to work.
    But to come in and be told he didn't have to work,only be told later after making plans with his family that he indeed did have to work, puts him to a decision.

    At this juncture it's a part time job, not a career.
    Not everybody bleeds brown.
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    It Christmas, that's what we do. Make plans with our families.
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    The thread title is Christmas eve.
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    The situation sucks all around. I had to do the late letter boxes at one point, and its depressing. A few years ago they had the letter boxes an earlier pickup time for Christmas Eve, and that lasted only one year. Don't call in, because management will always remember. It is seniority to get a chance to drive, but they can always disqualify you for anything. You don't want it held over your head.
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    Whether its paid or not, Christams Eve should be non working holiday. I'd rather work on Memorial Day.
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    What kind of route will be doing. I am usually off by 3:30--4:00 on Christmas eve. I know they come around with a list if you want a code 5.

    I usually take it. I have enough time to come home, shower, eat and then go to church. Then come home and watch Christmas Story on TBS.
  17. pickup

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    Can you imagine if Santa didn't want to work christmas eve?

    Now be a good elf and follow his example!
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    I don't know how to actually quote multiple people in one thread but I'll try to sum it up the best that I can. My attendance is good, only one call out for the year and as much as I would want to call out I wouldn't. If I have to work I will work. And thats how it was, we were told that we would not be working and now we are being told that we are.

    I talked to the center manager and he said that we would see what he could do because being a Saturday air driver we might not be "forced" to work. And as far as the route I didn't get back until around 7:45 p.m. last time, I covered 5 towns and the way that the times were I was bouncing between towns which just ate up a lot of time.

    And since I've never have worked or been told that I would work Christmas eve why wouldn't I make plans? Its our family thing, we do it every year. Not complaining I just think its a little messed up that they tell us we aren't working one week and then other week they say we are. But thank you for the replies.
  19. govols019

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    Christmas Eve is not the day after Thanksgiving. Two entirely different plans. They are probably needing you to work to help cover the inevitable late air trailer. If your family plans are for that night then you should be fine.
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    Since when do they ever know what they are doing at work? All peak long they have been swapping my truck almost every day. So everyday I have to hunt down a cart & traction aids. I also have to hunt down a gas card cuz we have knuckleheads that think that gas card belongs in their wallets. Finally I get the same truck 3 days in a row and on the 4th day they decided to give me a rental. No cart, no gas card, no truck... whatever.... I made some nice overtime that day. Every stop I walked around to the back to get it. Oddly enough they they didn't give me a rental the next day. Fact of the matter is never assume your supervisors know what they are doing because most of the time they don't. Do your job the best you can and 5% of the time you will be amazed they get something right.