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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by oldupsman, May 10, 2003.

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    Hey people I was just wondering what does UPS do in your district to recognize those who join the Circle of Honor. Our dinner is coming up next Sat. night and it's quite a nice affair. My wife and I make it a point to attend every year. And I've been told ours is one of the nicer ones. How about your area?
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    Same thing , nice dinner some place nice guest speaker. Good time.
  3. johnny_b

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    oldupsman - are you a Quaker?
  4. Our district rents the Spirit of the Northwest (a cruise ship) and cruises around Puget Sound. A very nice affair. Pretty expensive too. I'd hate to see what they pay for that.
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    Not quite sure what you're asking jb. If you're asking where I'm from, most Quakers come from that city and the area around it. That's a yes. Or am I completely missing the point? My wife says I am a little slow sometimes.
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    Our area they fly the people to the district city, put them up in a very nice hotel, and have a banquet. Pretty good deal
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    In our distict we have a nice dinner and ceremony at a golf/spa resort, the couple is offered to stay over and they each are provided an allowance that would cover green fees or a standard spa package. If they want extras incidentals they can pick them up. How about everyone else?