Clerks at it again

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by upsman39, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. upsman39

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    There they go leaving early again. When will they learn to stay their 8 hrs. Thats why they are layoofs and transfers. Funny thing is that the ones that leave in 7 hrs are the ones on the bottom of the seniorty list. They are their own worst enemy. They will see that they are leaving and add up the hrs and remove more clerks. Stay your 8 hrs. You get paid 8. If boss says you can leave and the hits the fan, he will say. I never said they could leave. Your word against his
  2. brownedout

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    And here you go again. The last time you posted about no pre-process, people were asking you questions. They wanted to understand your situation, and where you were coming from. But no reply from you. Just your gripes. Man up. Take it up with them. Tell them what you told us. Maybe for their own good.
  3. The Milkman

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    You are right!! I used to see clerks leave hours before 8 hours. Management then figures they can eliminate 1 clerk from that shift thus losing another F/T job for a senior driver who may want to come off the road. They ruin it for all. They are knuckleheads. I confronted some clerks and they are only worried about themselves, screw my union brothers. They are the 1st ones to cry to the union when they get in trouble to bail them out after realizing that doing the company a favor backfired on them..They deserve it!!!!!
  4. upsman39

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    The milkman knows what I'm talking about
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    A clerk is a jerk.
  6. packageguy

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    what are they proving by leaving early, stupid, stupid, stupid.
  7. tre305

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    full time clerks huh...
    i could only wish i was offered that in my center
    either 2013 will change that....or 19 more years of this :censored2:.....
  8. The Milkman

    The Milkman Well-Known Member

    They ruin it for guys like you who would like to come inside after being on the road for many years like myself. They will someday be hopeing for that Job that they helped make extinct to the joy of management
  9. Big Babooba

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    Prepare yourself for 19 more years of this :censored2:!
  10. brownIEman

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    Am I missing something? If there is only 5 hours worth of clerk work to do, are you suggesting they steal time and just milk the clock doing nothing for 3 extra hours?
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    How about honoring the contract you agreed to. Maybe you can combine this JOB with another and it could be a career.
  12. menotyou

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  13. packageguy

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    You might be part of the problem, Who said there is 5 hours of work, there is preload, rewraps, demage call tags, ordering supplies, I forgot who said it but you can't fix stupid.
  14. brownIEman

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    If there is more work to be done, whey would they be leaving? In a typical preload operation, the clerks are working after preload is down, rewraps are done, damage call tags are finished. I would be happy to give you the 10 min. it takes to order supplies. So now what? 8 hours are not yet up and the work is done. Again, is it being suggested that in this case people just milk the clock to try and justify a job that is not there anymore?

    If you read the initial post, that seems to be what he is suggesting, just stick around to justify a job for people who may want easier work than package driving. Which is fine, unless that work does not exist. The fact is, with standardized addressing databases being in much more common use than ever providing double checks on packages before they are ever shipped, there is now less clerk work in most centers than there used to be. Throwing insults at people on internet forums is not likely to change that.
  15. packageguy

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    I am not here to insult anybody, that not my nature, When i cover a clerk I do the job the way I was trained to do. Rewraps broken, wet packages still have to get done. Again I am not insulting you, but the clerk must do the job the right way. not leaving work for the next clerk because he has his own work to do.
  16. The Milkman

    The Milkman Well-Known Member

    There used to be plenty of work for clerks in my old bldg. But then mgnt has p/ter's going into trucks and pulling pkgs, drivers doing add corections, little by little the workload shrinks for the F/Ter and whoa and behold! We can eliminate another F/t clerk after this one retires or transfers..It is a shell game. Clerks stay at their station and the p/ter's bring the work to them so they do not have to move from in front of their computer screens. Again it is sad that a F/T driver loses a chance to work inside because a Job is now not there. Someday the person who contributed to the loss of this Job will be wishing (as he gets older and beat up over the yrs) he had another chance to work inside but by then it is too too late:surprised:
  17. packageguy

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    That does not happen in our building, the clerks go get the work. we promised the center manager we would put greivance, everytime it would happen, so far so good. Yes when my time time comes I would love to clerk the last year or two.
  18. The Milkman

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    That is the way it should be..By allowing it to happen and standing there like deer in headlights the clerks or sometimes drivers filling in for clerks on vacation have to open their mouths..Make heard.. But no...they let mgmt get away with it thus again making it look like there is not 8 hrs of work when in fact there is if only the clerks would of done the right thing in the first place..:angry: