COLA increase?


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If you're upset over the cola, wait until they (Teamsters) take half of your raise. Read the contract, they can take half of your raise for H&W.

I voted no by the way.

That's always been in the contract. And rarely (if ever?) acted upon.

And plus how is it "taking it away". We never had the 35 cents, you can't take away something you never recieved to start.

PS I voted no too, just playing devils advocate.

Also regarding the COLA increase - what if cost of living went down? Does UPS take away part of our pay? :devil3:


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Not to throw salt on the wounds but all machinists will get it, but thank's to the crappy contract the teamsters voted in were also stuck with the $.35 raise. Were stuck with the split raise for the first year but were not getting it in our new contract!!!!