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  1. Purplepackage

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    ive been looking at a posting to transfer to the eagle colorado station, my wife is considering a teaching job out there and that opening seems like the best I can find.

    How's the cost of living out there on what we make? I'm topped out in my market currently and we do well in PA
  2. McFeely

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    Tough to say what the cost of living is like in's up in the mountains near Vail so it could be pretty pricey. I'm on the Denver side of the mountains and housing has gotten a little ridiculous in the last couple of years.

    Then again, I'm nowhere near topped out on pay.

    The area near Eagle is beautiful, though!
  3. Purplepackage

    Purplepackage Well-Known Member

    We're looking at places in Edwards or Avon right now, some of them are decently priced but your right I have seen some 8 million dollar homes out there lol what the hell kind of job do those people have? Lol

    I've talked to the manager at the eagle station and the routes and area they cover sound pretty interesting. Though the hours are a little earlier than im used too
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    Cherry hills ain't cheap either. Much of Denver has gotten a bit pricey and Colorado is on the lower end of the pay scale as a fx employee....driver.
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    Got decent weed though. So ya got that goin for ya
  6. vantexan

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    I looked at Eagle about 15 years ago. Most employees there drive some distance from more affordable areas. Mgr said landlords won't rent to you for X per month because they can get more than that per week during ski season. Said area was under snow about 6 months a year. I noticed that they kept increasing to higher payscales until they got to "F" payscale, which is right in the middle of payscales. Don't know if they've increased since then. Certainly beautiful but I've found living in beautiful, expensive places that it means little if you don't make enough to enjoy them. I'd rather live in an affordable place and visit on vacation, but that's me. There are domiciled locations in Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico that are halfway reasonable that are near enough to more upscale areas.
  7. TheJackal

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    You won't be able to afford to live near your station, depending on what you consider close by.
    You might try looking West towards Gypsum, if you're intending to buy. As for the better get good at putting chains on.
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