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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by under the radar, Sep 1, 2007.

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    my take on it: whoever typed this up needs a new space bar on their keyboard
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    My take? There is too much attention given to "Central States". I know there is a problem and I hope they can work it out, but there are thousands of us who would like to hear about something that affects us too. The letter was too focused on one area. Hope that is not indicative of the negotiating process.
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    I believe that I saw somewhere that 42 percent of all UPS Teamsters are currently participants in the Central States trust. I imagine that the Western Conference which by the way is teamster controlled and pretty near to 100 percent vested contains a vast majority of the rest of the 58 percent. Face it the Central States underfunding was always going to take priority due to the effect it would have with the total membership. If Central States went down, the other teamster controlled trusts would soon follow, trust me on this.
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    I am not arguing the merits of attempting to fix Central States. We were asked for our "take" on the Teamster release. As an informative update for the (by your own admission) majority of UPSers it was worthless. What else is on the table? Inquiring minds want to know.....