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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Local Brown, Oct 5, 2007.

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    Despite all the complaining & moaning this Contract will pass because most Full-Timers & virtually all Part-Timers do not vote........Thats the reality of unions in this century...
  2. raceanoncr

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    Sad to say, I have to agree. Not just unions, THIS union. Shows we really care. Last time, what'd we have? %30? More? Less? Don't remember. Too bad.
  3. Johney

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    If you don't vote then you sure as hell can't bitch about it now can you?:wink:
  4. raceanoncr

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    Very true. But do you know how many WILL bitch about it?

    I asked before: How many did you have at your proposal meetings? We had 3 at our Sun meet last yr. Maybe 20 at Sat meet. Out of a building of more than 500, it ain't a very good count. Shows we care. :sad:
  5. mule

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    The Teamsters should be educating the rank and file about the process and the significances of the process. This will benefit us all in the long run. You can't blame an ignorant kid for not voting. He does not understand what is going on. The Teamsters should be addressing the issue to help build a stronger union for the future. The Teamsters seem to be just a middleman for transactions. They are a very inefficient and expensive negotiation company.
  6. brownrodster

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    Why would a part timer vote? Most of them that I now don't even know what a union contract is (I'm serious about this). Most of them in my center are young, fresh college students who aren't old enough to buy alcohal.
  7. JustPartTime

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    Interesting....I vote. All the p/t people on my shift vote. We are all interested in what the contract holds for us as well as for the f/t.
  8. mule

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    The fault lies with the Teamsters. They should be aggressively persuading the young members to vote through an education program. The stewards and the agents seem to have no intention on pushing the unions objects through ranks. They keep the young in the dark and target a select loyal few.
  9. local804

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    Maybe the teamsters should hold thier hands when they walk across the street too. Lets be serious here please..... Everything including global warming seems to be on the teamsters laps this year. Knowledge is power and the book is in your hands, READ IT!
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    What is your point? Global Warming? READ the book? I am talking about tactics and strategies that the Teamsters that represent working families are lacking or needs improvement on. Your statement makes absolutely no sense and it smells of arrogance and self absorption. What does the word union mean? It is not a transaction company to leverage the masses to exploit a company for the benefit of masses' financial issues. It seems that most see this as the sole purpose of the union. This is a self serving perspective, and it contradicts union formation. You state that I need to get serious is absolute ridiculous. If you want to debate an issue and voice your thoughts, I will engage. Spat out some arrogant remake will go nowhere. If you got something to say that is worth anything, then state it. Say something worth talking about. Debate the topic. Can you? Are you only filled with criticism for self conceit and/or some self interest. Brother, wake up.

    I don't know what your stating to read, but I am the only teamster that I am aware of who holds two advanced degrees (MBA and MS), two undergraduate degrees (BA and BS), and two associate degrees. I have many years of union experience, and I have much knowledge of UPS' management and tactics. READ WHAT!

    I joined this forum on the assumption that I would be discussing and debating issues to advance our common pursuit of building a stronger union for future generations.
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    Okay...I'll bite. Why the H*LL would a person with so much education still be handling packages for Father Brown??? I have a college degree and am 2/3 of the way through a Masters. My bosses have told me to get the h*ll out because I'm too educated and intelligent to be doing what I am. I'm surprised you haven't taken similar advice given to you by people you respect. Your education combined with knowledge of UPS management would make you very attractive to a number organizations--organized labor, companies with labor difficulties, etc. -Rocky
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  13. Mystakilla

    Mystakilla Who the *$#@ cares.

    When i was a part timer i voted, but im sure thats different for many people depending on what you want to do with your future. I saw a future with brown so i decided i should take interest in it.

    Couple issues though in my area (not sure about other areas), the union does not let anyone know when meetings are, i have never been to one and have never been asked to attend one, i would like to some day, they should be allowed to attach a calendar of events going on with the locals to the pay stubs or something, that way everyone is aware of whats going on if their interested.

    Upon gettin full time i have maybe seen my union steward 3 times over a course of 2 years. If i would of had any issues with anything, i wouldnt know who to contact besides calling the local. After saying that im sure some you guys be saying, "Well all you need to do is call the local and find out when their having meetings.", bs, the union needs to step up and a little and aggresively include their members in things if they want to see more votes on contracts.

    Attach something to the paystubs or put a stamp on an envelope and mail information out to the members, we are worth atleast that arent we?

    Oh so no one misintereprets what i said above "When i WAS a part timer i voted...", im fulltime and i do STILL vote.
  14. speedbug

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    Are you not a Teamster? If you are then what you are saying is you are at fault also. I am a steward and have noticed that the part timers in our center (we are a small center) do not care about being educated on issues having to do with their contract rights. Last year we tried to get p/t employees to come to meetings we held specifically for the purpose of educating them on their rights and responsibilites and out of around 100 p/t only 2 showed up at the first meeting and none at the second. Please before you throw out blanket accusations be informed of what you are talking about
  15. speedbug

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    To me the word union means "the members, us we are the union". The UNION is only as strong as the members that make up the union. If your local union is WEAK, it just goes to show you members are weak, including yourself. I am curious are you really a Teamster? What is your job classification? Do you really have all those degrees? Or are you the one filled with criticism for self conceit and or some self interset?
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  17. raceanoncr

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    Wow! I feel so small and insignificant now!
  18. mule

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    I have that option. I currently enjoy the work, and the people I work with. As long as I get a fair living wage, a secure retirement future, and dignity and respect, I am happy at UPS. Every middle class American wants the American dream.

    Most Managers and supervisors that I have delt with seem to not want the competition in their ranks. Yes, he or she might be trying to run you off. Some managers and supervisors like to exploit situations when they know they can. In other words, they try to take advantage of teamster members that are not as intelligent as they are.

    Everyone cares. If they seem not to care, it is due to them not understand the significance of the situation. If you are failing to get part-timers into the union halls, then the stewarts and agents need a different approach. You first have to spark an interest before you can lead then to knowledge.

    This is my point exactly. The union can be stronger if only the tactics and strategies that the Teamsters use improve. If only two out of 200 part-timers show up at a meeting, then this should be a red flag. If the teamsters, who represent and leads us, do not address the issue, then they are failing to lead and unite us.

    I do my best. I discus the issues with UPSers, I try to build interest in the young part-timers, and I obtain information when new information is available. In addition, I guide younger members who are having trouble with supervisors. I have filed grievances based on Article 37 section ,a.

    If I was not Teamster or associated with the Union, would I be on here wasting my time? As for my education obtainment, I am no different than you. I am looking to help in the fight to keep the union strong and to bring justice to an an unjust capitalistic society. I only can do a small part.

    TEST: Hub Snake...the nice box with the pen for years of service
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  19. local804

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    I am talking about the constant blame on everything and anything wrong is blamed on the teamsters. I used global warming as pure sarcasm and have no relation to the teamsters on this topic. I guess being the smartest teamster with the most degrees a special person, would you like a cookie? The book I talk about is our contract, it is there for all of us to read and use. If it is not enforced, it is not worth the paper it is printed on. I also am here to debate on any topic and will accept a challenge, but first get on the right page. Sorry for the slow reply to your post.
  20. Pollocknbrown

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    That post just rings of arrogance when u bring out all your degrees. Personally a piece of paper saying u worked to achieve and paid for doesn't amount to a hill of beans to me, so please go shove your 40,000 degrees in someone else's faces, not the members of this forum.

    804, do i get a cookie? i have a high school diploma, maybe just a crumb? if i spent my whole life in school i'd earn the whole cookie?

    But in my honest opinion, after reading most of the new language of the contract, and understanding most of it (after pondering it), my vote is still a no, no full time job creation, same starting wage, split raises, 3 yr progression, it is just too much give backs IMO, granted my opinion probably doesnt matter to you people, but it does to one person, me