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    I apologize for posting quite a bit...but I really enjoy my pre-loading position and I'm just trying to find out what I can about the company through this site. It's very informative, but some things I can't seem to find. I was told by a former UPS manager yesterday that I should go for a cover driver spot. Now remember...I am a pre-loader but I do have a chauffeur's license...I've been employed for 2 months....and I was told that I would be given a road test soon for Saturday Air driving. Anyway, this former manager says that I should go for the cover driving spot, but isn't that based on seniority, and wouldn't I have already had to go to driving school? There's about 7 ppl ahead of me in line to drive. Wouldn't they get the cover spot first? Info? Thanks!
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    Any driving experience is good.
    Do drive on Sat., learn how to read a map , set up your own route ( in ENE we break sat airs down by zipcodes; usually one driver does either one zip or several depending on the volume ), learn traffic patterns ( usually after 10am everyone is out shopping so avoid those areas ), learn which streets are oneway, watch out for seasonal restrictions ( parades, sports games , art fairs ).
    Do not worry about how many are ahead of you. Many will say they want the jobs but for one reason or another they won't take them.
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    I see. I just got my chauffeur's 2 days ago so I could drive on Saturday, so I don't have any driving experience as far as a Chauff. license goes. I'm 21, so I have time to wait on any driver positions. One other pre-loader there told me she's been waiting to drive on Saturday's for a long time, and they haven't done anything about it. I asked one of the sups. if that would happen to me and he said that they probably didn't want her driving and that I should be ok. Guess we'll see.
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    Seniority prevails, always.
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    But Benefits Are Great appears to be the exception to that rule.
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    Time driving on a CL means nothing. You will have to pass your MDOT phys and ups road test. It's just a waiting game. No two people will ever have the same answer probably ever. I basically had to keep bugging them until I got in. It's all based on seniority...unless of UpstateNY work where BenefitsareGreat works..and if that were the case..well have been there for two months..You should be center manager by now!


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    LOL! I actually read up on the post where he said he makes over 100k a year I think it was? That just doesn't sound right!