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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by upslocal480, Oct 6, 2002.

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    We listen to a radio and sometimes CDs at work. One night our supervisor brought a "Crank Yankers" CD and we listened to it. I havn't seen it but there is a show called Crank Yankers on Comedy Central that speciallizes in Crank Phone calls. The CD our sup brought was all crank calls. There is one on there where a they posed as a UPS type company. I suggest anyone reading this should go buy it. Its pretty funny as well as the other crank calls on there.
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    If you like that go on the net and do a search for "Roy D. Mercer". There are several sites but a radio DJ in Oklahoma (I think) plays this character and calls people up with some outlandish story. It's a riot!

    We can all be having a horrible day and someone in the auto shop will slam in a Roy D. Mercer tape and everyone is laughing so hard that we soon forget what problems we had. It's amazing how 10 minutes of that allows you a break then you refocus on the problem at hand but with a different and better attitude.
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    he is the best,
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    It's pretty funny.
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    Roy D Mercer is played by DJ's here at KMOD,
    97.5 Tulsa Oklahoma. He is quite humerous!
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    I've heard all the Mercer calls. There is a black guy kind of like him called Willy P. Richardson that is pretty funny.
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    I only have one thing to say here.

    "Just how big a ole' boy are you?"

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    Willy P. is the GREATEST!