Customer Requests Assistance (800 Provided 6 Different Answers)

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by dan1431, May 29, 2013.

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    I have a package shipped from HK (Lenovo) and it seems to have frozen in SDF (Louisville, KY).

    I have called the 800 number and after a USA based rep answers the phone I am transferred to the International Package Group who seemed to be outsourced (to India) and each International agent I speak with gives me a different reason as to why my package is not progressing as it should.

    Reasons I have been given:
    1. The tracking info has frozen, but it has progressed through the system and will be delivered today.
    2. The package is stuck in Louisville due to it being mishandled.
    3. The package is on the truck.
    4. The package is at the depot.
    5. The package is currently delayed for unknown reasons and I should contact LENOVO to ship out another one.
    6. The package is being located (whatever the means).

    I spoke with the UPS store (used My Choice to have it delivered there due to it being Signature Required) and they have never just seen a package tracking info just freeze and attempted to look into from their end but was promised a return phone which they have not received.

    I am happy to provide the tracking number, but did not feel comfortable just putting it out there in the open, so if anybody can help, I would happily PM or email the tracking info.

    Again, I do realize this is not a CS channel but I am a bit frustrated at this point and if one of you all could I would greatly appreciate it.

  2. Whats the tracking number? I will personally look for it when I go to work tonight.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Had you read his post thoroughly you would have seen that he is hesitant to post it on an Internet forum but is williing to PM it.
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    can you ever give a reply without including an insult?
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I thought I just did. Please show me where I insulted andy.
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    would have worked just as well with the red omitted
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    If you consider that to be an insult you have really thin skin.

    Now, if I had said, "Hey, moron, read much?", you would have a valid argument. I thought I showed tremendous restraint in my response.
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    there was no reason for it, except to belittle someone else / no reason at all
    the forum is grateful for your restraint
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    I thank you for your comments but as there was no insult intended nor one given I will stand by my original post.

    To the OP---there are several managers who frequent this forum who have the ability to track packages with detail beyond that available to the rest of us. Hopefully one of them will see this thread and respond accordingly.
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    HI Dan, if you want quick action, call Corporate in Atlanta GA.. Give them the tracking information and they should be able to light the fire under someone's butt... Sorry you are going thru this... We drivers on this site really do care about our customers.... Good Luck
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    UpstateNYUPSer You should stand by your post. you said nothing wrong. IMO.
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    You can't fix condescending.
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    Was the number you originally called customer service for international shipments or 800-PICK-UPS? While it's possible you were talking with somebody out of country (Philippines or Guatemala) more than likely you were talking with somebody in Tampa.

    If your PM to AndyB did not net results as I'm certain Upstate that's what he was referring to :P then, feel free to PM me and I'll try to get you an answer once I can actually see the tracking information to understand what's happening. Right now I could only speculate.

  14. It takes a lot more than a few words on a forum to hurt my feeling. I guess I should have ended my original post with "/sarcasm".
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    You should hit the UPS Facebook page, they care about their image over there. This site is mainly a place to air frustrations and dirty laundry, judging by the lack of changes at work, our gripes don't get much attention.
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    "/sarcasm" does not equal 9.3 million.
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    I've worked out our fuel loss at 162 per minute
    At that rate we have sufficient range to take out the primary and secondary targets

    But we will not...repeat able to make it back to any base or neutral county

    However we will have enough fuel to ditch at Weathership Tango Delta
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    I realize there's a rep button and a like button, but I lol'd so hard at this comment that neither would've been sufficient for me in my slightly drunken state.


    Aaaaaaand my TNG addiction as of late just turned this into a favorite thread.