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    I was just wondering if anyone has noticed in their building signs of UPS cutting costs lately. Seems like UPS has been cutting corners lately on a lot of things in our building. All our trucks are filthy. They haven't been washed in at least 3 months. The washers have that we used to have are gone, including one guy whose sole job it was to clean inside windows in the trucks. Now all our trucks look horrible. Rear doors have hand prints all over them in the dirt, some have writing on them in the dirt. I've had customers comment on mine a couple times in the last month. We've also been told that we cannot order any replacement uniforms until further notice. We are completely out of diad clips, and also have been told that we cannot get any new two wheelers for a 'while'. Truck repairs seem to be going much slower too, and on the issues that are minor, a lot of times nothing seems to have even been done. A lot of times we get the note in the DVIR saying 'checked problem, ok' Yet it's still there. The safety problems on the trucks do get fixed right away though, but one of the 700's I do drive a lot has been constantly billowing a ton of smoke out the exhaust. This despite at least 10 write ups in the DVIR for this problem. I am almost embarrased to drive it around because the diesel puts out so much much smoke, and people have complained to me about it. I have even spoken to the mechanics about it and still the problem remains. I don't know if these things are signs of budget cuts or not, but from my point of view it seems like it. And as far as the uniforms, and truck cleaning goes, I think this is an image problem. We are starting to look like crap out there!
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    We had a uniform problem for a while too but that has been resolved, people complained enough about the image. The hand cart thing could be considered a safety issue. The smoking diesel, how about enviromental. The dirty cars, I'd ask the boss if he drives a dirty car? As most people say crap happens that's why we wear brown!
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    Might have an answer on the uniform issue. I believe the company just changed vendors for uniforms. That could be why you weren't getting anything new. There are no doubts UPS is cutting costs everywhere they can. They need to show double digit growth if Wall street is ever going to find our stock attractive.
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    Wash your truck! Keeping your truck clean is your responsibility. UPS allows you to do this. My center some drivers wash their trucks everyday.
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    Maybrown, I think you better duck. :w00t:
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    And the job of the Car Wash is?? Mine finally got washed last week, first time in months. They washed one side one day, then got the other side the next. They missed the rear and the windshield though. I got a bunch of wet paper towels myself and had to really scrub the windshield hard to get it clean. If UPS wants to pay me overtime to wash my Package Car at the end of the day when I get back to the Hub, I'm up for it. No way will I spend my own money at an on area carwash to clean it.
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    I can only speak for our automotive department in my center, and another center I talk to the guys a lot far as automotive goes. Probably since Jan. or Feb. There has been a big push to cut inventory on parts we can stock.

    We used to stock a lot of the extra things that might not get used regularly but are parts that will put a Car on red-tag. Our inventory has been cut by approximately $35,000. Meaning we have sent back $35,000 worth of parts we would normally keep in stock. Our inventory now is running around $24,000 at any given time. This translates into package cars red-tagged longer waiting on parts to be replaced.

    We haven't been given any criteria on what gets fix or what doesn't. No sign of cutting corners. If we need parts to fix something that we don't have, we just order them and wait for them to come in.

    Now the reason that was explained to me about the reduction of inventory is this:Having a more efficient running shop, cost wise. Having a lot of money tied up in inventory alone adds up, that UPS could be investing. Here is a hypothetical using our inventory costs alone of $24,000(this number could be higher or lower on average) X 1250 centers(think this is close to how many centers nation wide) = $30,000,000 in inventory at any given time. I will tell you that in my center alone, our average used parts costs for a month is close to $45,000. This number has many variables, engine replacement, tranny replacement, ect.

    Far as truck washing in my center, I haven't seen any reduction, Our package cars still get washed regularly several times a week.

    Right now with volume being down, Corp, is watching the numbers closely to get more bang for the buck. In all honesty I think it is just good business to watch your bottom line. Any successful business has to watch the bottom line whether it be UPS or the mom and pop store down the road. I might not agree with all the cost cutting in my department, but I have to follow the guidelines set for us and make the best of it.
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    The cuts have been going on for a long while. I remember right after 9/11 there was a huge cutback due "emergency conditions" when the stock market tanked. I think at that point the board realized they could still move packages even with the cost cutting so they decided to change it from a temporary hardship to the norm.
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    It has recently come to my attention, UPS is replacing all tires with recaps. I thought that all or some commerical vehicles could have them in the back, but not in the front, some how I assume UPS did some smoozing with the dot to get this changed. Is this recap issue nationwide or just virgina(where Im from)? The way I found out about this, is that my front end would shake at speeds above 55mph. I told my center manager, his response was, nothing he could do about it. The mechanic told me, stay 55 or under,so this is what I do. Has anyone else had problems with this? It seems like a big safety issue. Especially with summer on the way. I would hate to have the tread on my tires peel off like a slick onion and have a major blow out. I also told my center manager that UPS wants to save money on recaps, but risk having to pay big bucks on a tier 3 accident. These are diesel pkg cars and the mechanic says that there is about 8 thousand pounds riding on those front recaps(might me more or less on weight). Ive notice that when I go down peoples asphalt driveways the tires create pits. These are created when its a tight turn around and you have to turn while the truck isnt moving(Drivers will be charged with an accident). I know UPS wants us to walk driveways, but I have some long driveways on my route and with pks weighing up to a 150 lbs it doesnt seem to cost effective in walking them.
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    UPS has been using recaps ever since I can remember. We once had every driver in our Hub sign a grievance about twenty years ago, especially concerning recaps on the front. The only time we have new tires is if you have a new vehicle that just got delivered from the factory. I know the tires on my P7 usually last about twenty thousand miles. I still have the original tires (Uniroyal Tigerpaws) on my 2002 Chevy pickup I drive, with 95K on the odometer.:ohmy:
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    If you're driving with dirty windshields then you're starting to progress from the cleanliness to safety arena. Have you said anything to the center manager? Is it possible the missing carwashers are a turnover not cost issue? I would think package handlers are replaced before carwashers if you're short people.

    I would ask the center manager if its cost cutting or staffing issues. I would also ask if he would mind if I wash my own car when it gets bad. Pride in appearance is always a good thing. :thumbup1:

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    Maybe in your neck of the woods.....It's different everywhere....
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    A dirty truck is the least of my worries!
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    One idea I have that will save a few Benjamins...Drop NASCAR sponsorship.
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    They have to cut back on spending because the freight company is bleeding you dry.
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    I ve been at UPS for 22 yrs. It was about 6 yrs ago we went from the gas pkg cars to the diesels. I knew we used retreads(recaps) but never had a problem. The lighter gas engines, I assume was the result of that. Its funny sometimes, untill you have a problem with something you dont take much notice of it.
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    Not in our center, we dont have the facilities for the drivers to do this. Usually 3-4 guys would do this at night, pull trucks out of line, wash it and park it, but us drivers can't do this.
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    Like Tie said, When it crosses the LINE on being a safety issue then wash your own truck(at least the windows). I believe thats the issue here. Do it(windows and dont give me that old line "I dont do windows"lol) no matter what your center manager tells you. Remember choose you battles carefully. If they fire you, you will definetly get your job back with back pay. SAFETY first.
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    One of the problems with car washing, for those of us that work in centers where it's done by hand, is that the part-time sups running the night shifts aren't aloud to let their employees spend but so much time on car washing. They have to enter "car wash hours" in their reports every night and when added to the package handling hours on the load it tends to put each shift "over hours". It's BS! What's more important? Image, Cleanness, and Safety or impressing the big whigs by showing them they can keep their employees under 4 hours?

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    Wash our own cars?? What next? Do our own mechanical repairs?