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    What exactly does the data/warehouse job entail? Is that a position that someone that has never worked for the company could get, or is it a bit higher up?
    What does "sleeper team" mean?
    When hiring drivers, I understand it's done from within. Do they mostly come from package handlers, or is there a step in between package handling and driving?
    And a question about transfers. I've read that they really aren't allowed, have to quit and get a job at a different place. Is this true? And if I were a driver, say in Chicago, and for whatever reason had to move to... Charlotte, if driver positions were open, would I be able to get one, or would I have to start back at the bottom? And if I have to start back at the bottom, would my salary go down to that level, or would I be able to retain my salary that I was earning as a driver?
    Thank you to anyone who can give me any information, it is greatly appreciated.
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    Probably an address correction clerk. or an auditor of some sort.
    In my building these jobs go to people with very high seniority. May take years to obtain this position. Depends on the building.

    Over the road tractor trailer drivers. The team means there are 2 people in the truck. One off duty while the other is on duty.

    It primarily goes on a seniority basis from the part time work force.
    You go straight from part time to full time driving. There are part time driving positions such as saturday air driver. Sat air is where you are a normal hub slave during the week but drive a brown truck and deliver packages on saturday.

    Part times can transfer for educational purposes. I believe you have to get accepted to a school where you want to transfer before they will let you transfer.

    Full time drivers in the western conference can transfer within the western conference but it is very hard to pull off. You put your name on a list and just hope.

    probably not going to happen.