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    I was wondering as a part time package handler is there a specific amount of days you get off or if there is any you get off.

  2. that depends where you work, in new england we get 5 paid sick days and I believe 3 paid personal days with seniority. We also get 1 weeks vacation after a year (I think thats standard everywhere) You have option of using your sick days as a second week of vaca (or a combination of sick and personal days, I forget).
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    When i started as a package handler two years ago, after seniority I got two weeks vacation but no sick days.
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    No, you got a weeks vaca and 5 optionals.
    you could take them as vaca or save them
    as paid sick days.You just took them all at
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    the days off will come with seniority. The specifics depend on the contractual supplement you belong to. this question is better asked locally rather then on this web page.
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    Is it diffulcult to get days off in advance? Lets say for example you played in a softball league in the summer and you needed Friday nights off for a couple of months. Would that be a problem?
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    Out Here in L.A. it's 5 days Vacation, 6 option days, 5 Days Option Week, 6 days of "OTH" whatever that is. Over here you get them after gaining one year seniority with the company.
  8. depending on what shift you work you won't have to worry. if you work the twilight sort (5-10pm...usually 11 @ my hub) you're going to run into problems. However the night sort starts at 11 (again here at my hub) so that probably wouldn't affect you (you'd just have to work after your game). If you worked the Preload shift you'd already be done for the day, which is one of the few bright spots about that shift (I work on the preload).

    however your original question, at my hub its not hard to get days off, tell them when you need them (if you're using a personal day) and they'll let you know. If they don't give it to you theres always using a sick day (just call in and tell them you won't be in). I can't say this enough though if you're going to miss work CALL them. Less headaches and besides once you've been here a bit why wouldn't you? you get paid for it if you call.

    Then again, you will be new (judging by your other thread) and won't have these "luxuries" when you start so I'm not sure what you'll be able to do except pick your shift (if the opportunity is there to do so) accordingly.
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    You better give up the softball. Or give up UPS. For one...they could care less about your personal life. And don't take a job and then make up your own work rules or hours.

    I get a kick out of the younger generation. They haven't even worked a day and already are telling the company when they need time off. "Yeah I'll take the job...but I can't work the week of ????? because I've got plans to be ?????".

    When you take a job, you adjust your life to that job. It seldom works the other way around.

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    Actually dynamic companies will work with their employees. The rigid style of management is losing ground. The more I read I'm surprised how bad UPS sounds. I would say the negative comments about the company on here outweigh the positive 3/1.
  11. Many of us complain about the place because there are a lot of things that are just downright stupid that happen everyday and nothing is ever done to fix them. However if we hated it that much we wouldn't still be there.

    UPS has a rigid schedule and any driver will tell you if they have ANYTHING at all during the day to do (doc appointment etc) they have to take the whole day off. Its sad, but its true. However UPS has a monday-sat (if you ever decide to do saturday air) shedule and its not possible to make up your time on other shifts or days etc. If you can't show up for your shift you have to call in, you won't be allowed to work a different one in place of it for a day (least not from what I've seen). That would be great, but its just not a normal occurrence at big brown