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  1. gbpbacker

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    I was just wondering if anyone else has heard of this, I del. to a large bussiness at 845 one day (anywhere from 80 to 150 pkgs a day and they love me at this place alot more than the regular driver) the next day my sup. pulls my aside telling me I del. to early, he said I must be there between 915 -1015. HUH? (by the way I am a swing driver been swinging for 4 years)My sup. tells me this is somthing the customer wants and set up with thier customer rep. I really didnt pay much attention and kinda laughed it off. The next day I get there earlier and ask them about this the customer tells me the eairlier the better. So thats great that im getting there early right? WRONG! The next day the center manager pulls me into the office once i get back from my route and tells me seriously that i cant get there before 915 because the regular driver cant get there before that time. Does this sound right? Has anyone else had this problem? There are a few more drivers in my center that are haveing the same problem. Just curious
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    gbpbacker,I want to know how in the world you are getting to your first stop at 8:45am :confused:1? My center can't get out of the building until 9:00am the earliest! I'm a misc. driver or (swing) driver and do other drivers routes and most customers say that i'm always earlier than the regular driver, but my supervisors never tell me to slow down or get there later. The supervisors are usually happy that I finish earlier, but the regular drivers are usally not so happy with me.
  3. gbpbacker

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    our start time is 810 and we normally leave before 830, I couldnt imagine leaving at 900 that would suck.
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    Ask why the regular driver cant be there before you. That would be the first thing I would love to know.

    Maybe he is helping someone with air?

    But then again, starting that early, cant see why that should be needed.

    Around here lucky to leave an hour later than you.

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    What this may be is a new program that we are offering called SSI. (sorry, don't know what it stands for) . We promise the customer that we will deliver their packages within a predetermined time ( a 1 hour window) that is set up by your rep. In exchange , the customer promises UPS that they will give us more inbound volume. Sounds simple , right. I have one of these accounts on my route and was told by my manager that I was not to be there any earlier than the schduled time or past the 1 hour cut off time. Don't be there before the schduled time or it may make us look to efficient.
  6. Mr. Brown

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    Our start time is 8:40 then we have pcm that lasts till about 8:50 then we usually have to load packages that were stacked out on the dock so yea we usually leave out of the building pretty late:mad:.
  7. InTheRed

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    show up early, pre-record, complete inside the window?

    I never heard of this SSI thing, I guess we don't have it yonder our way yet.
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    Yeah thats what it is SSI but I also do not know what it stands for. The thing that I dont understand is that if the customer wants it as eairly as posible and I can do it whats the big deal. What happened to taking care of the customer. I can see getting in trouble if I got there after the 1015 commit but getting there to early? Come on.

    The bussiness is on the other side of his route maybe 15-20 minutes away from the building he runs airs and a few ground stops before he gets to that stop. But I bypass the air stops on the way there to get there eairly then i run the airs at the end of his route working my back to where it starts.
  9. wornoutupser

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    We do not get out of the building some days until after 10:00 with 12:00 commit on air!
    Start time is presently 9:10.
  10. scratch

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    We used to have a 8;30 start time, usually I would start myself at 8:15 if the Preload was down. Then came EDD. Start time was changed to 8:40, this afternoon I was sent a message that our new time is 8:50 "until further notice". This is insane, my customers want their Next Day Air as soon as possible, not right before 10:30. The Fedex guy on my area says they load their own trucks starting at 6:00 AM, by 8:40, he has sixteen stops off. When will UPS ever start "thinking like the customer"?
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    They have instituted this SSI program in our center also, on Mondays the preload is done around 8am quite often but they will not let us start until 8:45 for fear that we may deliver to these accounts too early. We have had the same comments from our customers, they would appreciate that we deliver to them as early as possible and do not know anything about this new program and think that it is stupid also. I fear that this is just another case of some number guy sitting in a big office looking at things on paper trying to make things better and not taking into consideration the real world consequences, very similar to the greatly popular "remote" service of not delivering packages as you drive by them in the name of profits. If we get many more of these fantastic ideas working we may all be looking for new jobs, the customer will only take so much. In my 20 years I have seen several occasions where UPS management will trip over a $20 in order to pick up a dime, hope that they can see the light before it is too late and realize that we work for the customer..
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    our start time used to be 830, its now 9am. We get out of the bldg at around 920-925. Late NDA deliveries everyday in our 1030 commit areas. But guess what, mgt does care.
  13. dannyboy

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    Airs take top priority. I take it you do not have a commit time for airs since you run them at your leisure?

    That would piss me off too, to have a cover driver deliver it the way he wants and not the way it is to be delivered. Deliver the air first on the way to the stop. They paid extra for early delivery, and not when you feel like it.

  14. sendagain

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    The only thing I can think of is that those persons who receive the delivery may have some other important job to handle which takes place when the company first opens up (making coffee maybe) and are sidetracked from those duties by your early delivery. I was always a firm believer in removing bulk stops ASAP, which made the load much more manageable and created walking lanes in the vehicle, but our customers also have routines that work for them; the happier they are, the better for our future.
  15. ups79

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    just have these delivery points get in touch with their sales reps. and request an earlier SSI(this will really confuse them).
  16. spidey

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    Unless you are still at that stop inside the window DO NOT DO THIS. It's considered falsifying DIAD data and it is a firing offense. A driver in my district was let go for this within the last few weeks.

    DIAD data should be an accurate representaion to the customer of what happend with their packages. Anything else is not acceptable. CYA, each and every time.

    The guarenteed delivery time is being pushed more, so expect this to become more of an issue.
  17. abbear

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    Look, you've been pulled into the office twice now. As a steward I'm telling you this is one of those cases where you work as instructed. Sorry - this just really seems like a no brainer to me....
  18. beentheredonethat

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    Here's the deal, SSI is for Strategic Solutions Inbound. The idea behind it is that FDX makes multiple deliveries from the FDX ground, FDX home delivery (not usually to business, but sometimes, and FDX Air). We are trying to sell the customer that they can have all of their deliveries at one time in one delivery window (Target time +/- 1/2 hr) In this way they can staff their recieving docks properly based on knowing when we will be there. Since in many cases the receiver decides the transportation method, we are hoping to increase volume by letting the receiver force the shipper to use UPS. I will agree that virtually everyone wants an earlier deliver and virtually everyone wants a later pickup. But that isn't going to happen. What can be done is consistency. The sales persona and the center team should determine what can be done and commit to the customer a delivery window. If we have one driver deliverying earlier then usually that means they aren't following the loop and many people along the way are getting packages earlier then they are used to (most won't complain about that) and others will get packages delivered later then they are used to (that's when we will have the complaint). If a cover driver delivers earlier, then the customer will want that time all the time. I helped to implement SSI a while ago. In cases where we found ourselves deliverying too early. We relooked at the situation. If the delivery time could be continuously done at the earlier time we recommitted to them an earlier time. Again we are trying to sell consistency over all service products (in most cases excluding NDA), this is something that FDX can't match.
  19. over9five

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    I want to know why Gdp is so gung ho, and wants to make the regular driver look bad.
    Must be one of managements little boys.
  20. 25yrvet

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    I feel it's important for swing drivers to run the rt like the regular driver. There are a couple swingers who have covered my rt & ticked off customers (rude, early p/u, dumping stops, etc) ; I've lobbied hard & successfully to keep these drivers off my route.
    When I was the lead swinger I kept a note book of all the rts. Before & after I did a route I would ask the regular if there were any changes & if I offended anyone. I wanted the cust. to feel as comfortable about giving me a p/u as they would their reg driver--no changes, just smooth as glass.