Delivery Drivers Deliver Trouble to FEDEX WSJ

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    afups.....several pieces from a FedEx plane also fell apart and onto a San Francisco suburb....maybe the company will follow suit and "fall apart".
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    As a package handler for Fedex Ground, I constantly see the drivers everyday who are disgusted with their supposed "business partner." In reality, fedex determines evrything these guys do. Dont think the part timers arent disgusted either. We have all been talking for the past few months about getting representation, but if the purple and green get a hint of that, you get fired. Sometimes it feels like we are working in Nicarauga, with all the intimidation going on. As part timers, we get nothing other than our hourly wage, which is pretty good for a right to work state. Does anyone have any ideas on who to talk to about possibly getting representation?
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    "A new class action lawsuit was filed in Massachusets by FEDEX ..."

    Afups, Can you post a link? Im in Mass and I cant find it in the news. (course its late and Im tired....)
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    front page of this web site
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    Thanks, I'll look. Its not on any Boston news website, or Fox, or CNN.
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    Posted on Monday, January 10, 2005 - 06:44 pm:

    These guys have to cut all corners to make money.
    For example: the driver on my route leaves his truck running with bulkhead door open, while delivering to suites in a 4 story building. I keep hoping someone will steal his truck.

    One stolen truck and one backing over a 70 yr old lady(fatality) in my area the last 12 months.
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    I'd love to steal one of their trucks they left running! Just move it down the street!
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    Here is an interesting article on the Massachusetts lawsuit.

    It's too bad they did not file the suit in a state court but it looks like they want to bring this thing to a head once and for all without having to file in all 50 states.

    I wish them all the luck in the world. Sorry I could not give my source earlier today as it could not be copied from my Charles Schwab newsline.
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    What can Brown do for you?
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    Why would anybody pimp themselves out to FagEx for eighty some cents a pkg only to realize down the road you will never have a life, benefits or retirement. They sugar-coat the job with a high earnings potential ad to lure in the suckers but once you have made all the investments your stuck. I have seen four Fedex areas in the classified ads section for sale. Two of them asvertised 90k plus a year. The others just wanted out as long as you assumed payment on the vehicle and bought out the area. Great Job huh?
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    Teddy,I see a lot of problems for fed ex in the future with labor problems. Their workers are promised so much, but in reality, it's just lost hopes. I believe their best shot on making things better for themselves is to unionize. fed-ex copies everything UPS does, and that shouldn't be no surprise. They are all ex UPS management. If the workers at fed-ex are going to be hammered by their sups, they might as well unionize. A fair days work for a fair days pay.
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    FagEx...hey thats good. Its just a matter of time before the dam breaks open and FagEx is scrambeling. There are a few old school rps guys that have three or four routes that are doing good, but teddy is right about the rest of the 90% of them. especially the home delivery maggots, what a bunch of raggy ass wantabees. One of them was telling me that they have to rent their uniforms, Fred S is a crook!
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    The old Roadway Package System under the Roadway Services umbrella was a decent place to work. We didn't make a lot of money, but made a decent living. I was married to a special education teacher at the time, so didn't have to support the whole family. Where the trouble started was shortly after the transition to Caliber Systems. Fred and Ivan were talking even before the UPS strike, that much is documented in the book, Thinking Outside the Box.

    Another mitigating factor was the closing of Roadway Global Air. I was told that Roadway Services was wanting to eventually merge RGA with RPS. You want to talk about contractors that got hosed, the RGA boys lost their donkeys when it was closed down.

    I'm glad I sold out and left in 99. Drive for a bakery now, their truck, all I do is deliver pastries, employee status, insurance, etc.