DHL losing tapes??

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    Got a letter from our mortgage co. ABN AMRO, saying that tapes with our mortgage info. and the info. of others, were lost after they were shipped with DHL.

    It goes on to say that they don't expect any info. to be misused, but just in case, they want to enroll you in a service....a credit monitering svc. for 90 days free.

    Red Flags are flying here. Sounds like a scam to after 90 days, the charges will start unless you remember to cancel. I'm not doing it. ABN AMRO is constantly sending out stuff to enroll in. I'm really not worried about lost tapes, but they can't accuse DHL unless DHL really did lose them. Right?

    So, UPS isn't the only one, but I never saw any huge write-up about DHL losing tapes......have you?
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    I posted this in the other thread about UPS losing the Citicorp tape. (Don't know if this link will work for you:
    The news today is DHL has found the tape. Info on the ABN-AMRO website.
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    Thanks for the info......susie
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    I got the same letter, I submitted it as a sales lead hahaha!!!
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    I'd expect them (DHL) to refute it if it weren't true. UPS didn't do that. They KNOW that the driver picked up the CitiCorp stuff. They also KNOW that the shipment never made it to the building and admitted it was "lost."
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