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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by $killed Labor, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. $killed Labor

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    Hi guys. Newbie forum poster here :w00t:

    Well i am taking my driving course starting next week. Today we done some practice on the PC with the Virtual Diad program.
    Well I just got so frustrated with it today, and it seems like it will be impossible for me to pass. I don't know maybe lack of sleep from the night before working reload late or what. Cause we had out to go out of for the class,so meeting 5:20 was early for me.

    Anyways, is their not anyway i can find that program online and install it on my PC to practice with?
    Maybe I am just stressing out to much. I just don't want to fail it and be disqualified for a year.
    Any suggestions?

  2. mattwtrs

    mattwtrs Retired Senior Member

    Don't stress yourself out, the harder you try the worse you do. When you start training, 2 days of it has to do with safe driving. I think the diad stuff is only 1 hour of the class. You'll get enough practice once you're on the road!
  3. rhider

    rhider The Buddha King

    AHHH another going for DIAD GRAND MASTER!!

    I did the crash p/c course last weekend and had some issues. I too am going to driving school monday, wouldnt be in Hudson NH for ya is it??

    I dont think there is anywhere to get a program for DIAD on the net. I was looking and thats how i found this forum. I think UPS would have a site for us newbies to cut our teeth with. It would only benefit them.

    What i found to be my problem was not putting in the room or apartment number in the address field. "Key what you see" Also seems dumb but make sure you sign in with last name and first initial only... i kept typing the full name out... FAIL! Attach your checks and fill in the counts in a,b, and c.

    I found out writing down the ones i kept getting wrong and go back and just study/practice the module till you can beat the expert time and no key errors

    The one i stil cant figure out tho is the "left at" stop. It was left at suite a not b and i keyed the suites and changed pkg to l/a signed at office or whatever.. seemed perfect but couldnt get it.... that was the 95 tho that got me passed!!

    like mattwtrs said, im sure we will get the practice doing it a couple hundred times a day.

    Good luck at school and drive safe!! You have 30 days to make or break your career here.
  4. The Brown Santa

    The Brown Santa Ping Pong Ball

    In my case we were all freaking out because we thought one day of DIAD wasn't enough. Turns out, they were training us all on Diad 3, and our centers were all on diad 4 with PAS already. Don't stress about it. You will get it when your sup takes you out during the first week. They're not gonna expect you to know it all the first day.
  5. scratch

    scratch Least Best Moderator Staff Member

    The DIAD will be very easy to learn, you should master it the first week. If you are on PAS/EDD, most of the work is already done for you, just scan package, get signature or DR location, and hit "Stop Complete". I went out with DIAD 4, with no training, since I was on vacation the week before. I was out the day my group went "live" on EDD, went out the next day with no trainer and figured it out myself. After you deliver a hundred stops a day for a couple of days, it will be routine, don't worry about it.:thumbup1:
  6. downtowner

    downtowner New Member

    Pc\diad training is a breeze compared to the Pc\package car training.
    Ahhhh watch out its a zig zagging squirrel!
  7. SmithBarney

    SmithBarney Well-Known Member

    You'll continue learning the diad well into at least a year of driving, I'm still learning tricks, and not to mention they change the software(minor tweaks) from time to time. Don't be afraid to ask co-workers cause once your left to fend for yourself, management will have long gone home when you get done with your route.
  8. dillweed

    dillweed Well-Known Member

    I also struggled with the diad and still do. As a pt air driver I don't get the intensive practice a regular pkg car driver does.

    Our center has the program on their computer and they let me use it when I want, on my own time. Check with your boss when you get back and see if you can use it there. If it's not installed, they should do it for you and be glad you give a hoot!

    Can't get it online. I brought a disc home but the puter had no program to run it and couldn't find one online. Security, I'm sure.

    Be patient and good luck. It will come in time. dw
  9. $killed Labor

    $killed Labor New Member

    Thanks guys for the support. I am glad i was searching for the diad program and found this forum.

    I thought in the week of class you have to past a Diad test along with the written test before you can go out driving. I think a guy failed the diad test 1/10 of a point and got disqualified for a year.
    I just felt that it wasnt enough for me to past a test. Cause the PCs where slow and buggy. The one i was on got the blue screen of death, so i was without a pc for around 2 hours.LOL another guy in the class got the BOD also. Wow what a day it was.

    So should I learn what i need to know in class before the tests? I allready got the Space and Visiblity knocked out just working on the 10 commentary.:thumbup1:
    I guess i also feel rushed cause I just found out i was going to the school last Monday.

    I guess another thing that got me :censored2: at the course. There was only 4 P/T ers there. 2 going air driving and me and another guy going F/T. So there was 8 hires of the street for seasonal.
    Well we wasn't supervised in class. So some of these guys thought this stuff was a joke i guess. Talking and sleeping and stuff. Some of them were actually trying with us P/T mers.

    It just pisses me of cause they came in the easy way and not taking it seriously. They don't understand if we fail we get disqualified and get to go back to stacking,scanning,etc. While they really dont have much to loose.
  10. trainee

    trainee Guest

    It probaly won't work but is worth a try I work for ups freight we use diad IV and on the login screen you can press f1 and enter a training session there are 4 training options keyboard familiarity, 4x4, run1 and run2 once your done and it says show score to dispatcher press 33 to reset it back to the login screen.

    our diads have some features that are only used on the package side so that training mode may be there.

    I am a dockworker/cdl and I practiced before we took the tests.
  11. VoiceOfReason

    VoiceOfReason Telling it like it is

    Its [-]not easy[/-] next to friggin impossible to make Grand Master on that stupid Virtual DIAD program. I bet I took that final test 20 times before I got "Grand Master" level. I was in competition with another part time sup in class. Everyone else gave up.
  12. $killed Labor

    $killed Labor New Member

    :lol: Ok good, so i dont feel so bad now. I was getting so frustrated. I thought if this is like a practice test, "Another year in the center".
    Cause it was hard as hell. Not to mention the fact that the program would freeze up all the time on those old dinosaur pc's it was on. Having to start it over and over. I never could make it though the test without it messing up.

    Can any of you guys give me some info on what the what the test is all about? Like exactly what ill be doing.
  13. helenofcalifornia

    helenofcalifornia Well-Known Member

    "Back in the day...." they would let us take home a practice DIAD board with phoney info in it for a town called "Clarksville." (did everyone have this or is it just California?) It helped alot. I still get beeped at by the board at least once a day-usually when signing out for checks and then my signature. Don't worry, after a couple of days you will wonder why you even worried. Most of it is pretty basic and some of the things they train you on you will rarely use. Good luck!
  14. rngri4

    rngri4 New Member

    We have the phony Clarksville center here on the right coast as well! I think it is a nationwide thing, they just use it for all the training. I had to take the DIAD Training as well before I became a driver, and I ended up with 100 percent on the little thing. I drove for about 6 months I guess before going into management, and really that isn't anything compared to some of the good people here on the board, but just remember always your special counts, which are your special packages, those over 70 etc, it is hard to remember, and after they talk to you a few times, you will then remember to record them, but it isn't something they go into a whole lot of detail in during the class.
  15. toonertoo

    toonertoo Most Awesome Dog Staff Member

    Yeah we had clarksville, in Ohio. It did help to practice, Im not sure if the virtual diad is diad4,
    If it is the Left at will get you if you have things pre-recorded. Just make sure you do the la, la on the correct adds, and then hit signature. A different add may show on the screen, but if you did the LA correct it will be right. I know that sounds confusing, but my son had the same question when he jumped last yr.
    On a resi la it will ask you at the end where you left it, after it goes thru commercia resi mode.
    Rngri is right about the specials. They "forget" to tell you but you need get used to using it to get credit for the ars, and overweights, and internationals. I dont think they stress it enough as I have helped several new guys who didnt even know what or where it was. As closely as we are measured, you need everything you can legally take for credit.
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  16. $killed Labor

    $killed Labor New Member

    Thanks for the info again guys. I really appreciate it. Since I had class last Friday, i didn't get to talk to any one at work. So I was worried about some stuff.
    Some of the guys said that the virtual diad was the old board. So I am guessing we use the newer one. Sorry I don't know all the terminology yet as I am a noob at it all.

    I do have a question about some of my stuff I have to study. I got the 5 Space and Visibility rules memorized. But the 10pt commentary, do i have to have that memorized word for word like the 5 rules? Or just know what they are?

    Thanks again :thumbup1:
  17. VoiceOfReason

    VoiceOfReason Telling it like it is

    Virtual DIAD is the old board but the new one works the same except for one button. It is still a valuable training tool.
  18. The Brown Santa

    The Brown Santa Ping Pong Ball

    5 seeing HABITS is pretty easy, just remember: All Good Kids Like Milk. On the 10 point commentary, they will not only want you to know what they are, but how to use them in order to drive safely. At our center they are very focused on making sure the drivers can verbalize the 10 point. It's one thing to just memorize the text, but you have to be able to implement it as well. That will come with experience.
  19. p1000

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    Wait to you respond to a meesage and forget to use the alphabet key and send the message back in all numbers.
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