Different Discussion Boards for Express and Ground?

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by l22, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. l22

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    To the moderator(s) of the board: Would it be possible to make different discussion boards for Fedex Express and Fedex Ground/other Fedex companies. If not, ok lol. Thanks anyway for creating this site.
  2. bbsam

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  3. dezguy

    dezguy Well-Known Member

    This was asked not too long ago, was it not?
  4. STFXG

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  5. Route 66

    Route 66 Bent Member

    I see no reason for doing this. What would be the advantage to it?
  6. CJinx

    CJinx Well-Known Member

    I don't think there is enough discussion to warrant splitting the board; and it wouldn't matter anyway because you'd still have the regular trolls doing their thing on both boards.
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  7. l22

    l22 Active Member

    It's just annoying reading all these arguments with Ground and Express guys even though they'd still happen probably - at least they would be split up into different boards. It seems like there are Ground contractors who want to defend Ground no matter what and then there are Ground couriers, Express couriers, everyone else who doesn't lol. I guess having two boards would still result in this happening. But at least we'd know there are Express topics being discussed on the Express board and Ground topics being discussed on the Ground board (in theory haha).
  8. instiches

    instiches Member

    I'd prefer to have a separate board where actual ground contractors can discuss operations and help each other out without all the constant trolling
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