Dirty Trucks


POW-MIA.. never forget...
I've been on the Freight side since the beginning, only been washed once in 10 years. And that was when we were having a "Presidential" visit.


POW-MIA.. never forget...
Do you (former) Overnite guys.... still hate the Union ?
Well not so much anymore, but about 15 years ago when you Union guys were pulling our fifth wheels, locking our trailer doors, cutting our air lines, blocking dock doors, and my personal favorite, flinging crème filled donuts at our windshields, I sort of accept it now, with the "Big Brown Bully"I can see it.


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Half the problem are these new nasty drivers who DGAF about their own work area or others when covering routes. When these rookies are brought up to think it’s ok to use the truck as a garbage truck or port a potty, what do you expect. It’s easy to keep your cab clean if you take a few minutes out of your day to wipe it down and throw out your trash.

Did I mention to actually use the trash can AND empty it daily? Simple things like that these new guys can’t even do.


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I always said once I won a bid I'll take extra measures to keep my truck looking good on the interior.

The exterior I can't do much about since our car wash does not work. Its pathetic how dirty some of these cars are.


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The local pkg division manager can change that.

But they are afraid....

Why does the package division manager have to tell someone not to be a slob?

My truck is pristine and immaculate in n out because I take whatever time necessary to do so. I don't ask permission from anyone in doing so. If I get spotted the wrong truck in the lineup by chance most often my airs are getting taken off of me that morning and the cab is getting the full treatment.
And then the cargo gets full cleaning in the back when I have enough deliveries off.

Heck if I care, it's actually overtime I'm getting paid to clean up. I'll dress like Lil' Bo Peep and carry a duster around cleaning trucks for $54/hour. ;)