Discharged Today


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not sure how they are gonna prove you said what the security reported you said, in my hub we have cameras
but none of them are allowed to record audio. i have never heard of anyone getting fired for getting into it with
the security since they are contracted through agency and not direct employees.


It absolutely is a scare tactic but I just want to make sure I get my job back im not even concerned about the pay at this point.
Your steward, B.A. or otw rep will be able to help you better "make sure". :O

If you aren't concerned about back pay, then you were probably in the wrong.


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So, do you really have a peanut allergy? A EpiPen is much more effective than a cell phone in case of a reaction.

Second thought, don't answer that question.


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1) You are told not to bring a cell phone into the building
2) You do anyways
3) You try to sneak cell phone into building inside your boot
4) They find it once, and now you're mad because they keep asking you to take off your boot
5) Now you want us to feel bad that you're in trouble because you argued with security ??

How 'bout following rules for once !! The rule is there because people in your position have stolen phones before.
If you can't follow a simple order, do you really think you'll follow rules when you become a driver !!!!!

You can live without your cell phone for 4 hours. If you have a peanut allergy :rolleyes2:, they'll call you an ambulance !!!!!!!

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clean hairy

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I wonder how many other times he did not feel like following the rules and wanted to argue about it instead?
Might be they finally had enough and wanted him out!


ahhh....the mouth breathers
It absolutely is a scare tactic but I just want to make sure I get my job back im not even concerned about the pay at this point.
So you were told to not bring your phone in. Why would you try to sneak it in? Did you straight up lie to a ups sup when he asked...do you have your phone? I'm thinking....yep you lied...and then they found it in your boot. You were fired for dishonesty....if you'll sneak prohibited items into the building....what's to say you won't sneak things out?


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Failure to follow simple instructions. A normal person inquires how to make an exception to this "implied" policy immediately upon notification if that person feels a medical emergency required it. Instead, you became argumentative (daily), sneaky, and combative. You are a dishonest and volatile individual that gives the union a bad name. I hope you lose.


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UPS installed a bank of lockers right outside our guard shack, under cover. If you had something you just couldn't do without, bring your own lock, lock it up and then get it on your way out. I notice they hardly get used, however.