Do TSG Techs get tuition reimbursement?

Discussion in 'UPS Information Technology' started by djbeckett, May 3, 2006.

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    Do TSG techs get tuition reimbursement?
    What is the current starting pay per hour for an employee that has worked for? UPS for 5 years in Michigan an is looking to start working in TSG. This person is also 40 credit hrs from finishing a BBA in MIS.
    What is the charge for health insurance?
    Is there matching in your 401K?:confused:1
  2. Education -- for undergraduate only.

    Pay -- it depends on the area of the country you are from. Since I am not from Michigan, I wouldn't know what to quote. Something like $20 an hour seems about right.

    Job -- TSG just downsized, I doubt they would be hiring in the next couple of years, unless a bunch of people have left since the downsizing.

    Insurance -- Really good insurance, still cheaper than most companies, but be prepared to spend some money. Price is dependent on dependents or not. Unable to quote a price -- figure between $50 to $200 a month.

    401K -- UPS matches up to 3%. The match is not cash, but rather stock. Stock has been flat for years.

    Confused -- Yeah, for even considering such an idea.

    Overall -- TSG is a bad idea. If you want money, go union. If you want technology experience, go somewhere else.
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    Before you start thinking about tuition reimbursement,pay,etc, you might want to check out the current state of TSG by reading the posts relating to the TSG/TSC layoffs this year( There is supposedly a hiring freeze this year for TSG and I don't even know how secure the TSG dept is for the future. I think I might look at another company to start with. Good luck....
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    There is a freeze on TSG that I believe is company wide. Even if there is a TSG position open, it is not really a job for anyone trying to make a career in IT anymore. You would likely find more satisfaction in an IT department at a different company, with working at a large company is what you are after. Or possibly look into a smaller company with a startup type feel to it.

    Yes TSG does offer tuition but they have changed the rules so that you have to stay for 2 years or pay it back. The wording states that the only exception is for retirement, which leads to the theory that even a layoff would force you to pay them back. There is also now a $25,000 lifetime cap, which can go quickly if you are pursuing an advanced degree. Oh yah, they don’t pay for books anymore.