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  1. There are continued rumors about federal drug tests in Orlando sometime in March. Does anyone really know whats going on and if it is really gona happen? Can post-senior people really get fired for casual usage off company time because Orlando runs an air opperation? Many are curious and concerned.
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    I found this information on the web. You may want to check Florida Dept of Transportion web site, as the DOT generally mandates state drug testing. Also look at the TSA website, that use to be the FAA for airport regulations. UPS will comply with mandates regarding drug testing.

    Ask your supervisor or manager, they are the ones that will schedule times for employees, if the testing is to take place.

    Drug and Alcohol Testing in Florida

    Florida's drug-testing law is contained within its workers' compensation law — a law covering employers of four or more, except in the construction industry where the law covers employers of one or more. Under the law employers may voluntarily implement drug-free workplace programs designed to lessen the frequency and severity of work-related injuries. If an employer implements a drug-free workplace program that includes notice, education and testing for drugs and alcohol following the rules for testing developed by the Workers' Compensation Division, the employer may require that an employee submit to a test for the presence of drugs or alcohol and, if a drug or alcohol is found to be present in the employee's system at (or above) a level prescribed by law, the employee may be terminated and forfeits eligibility for medical and indemnity benefits. In addition, the employer is eligible for reduced workers' compensation rates.
    To qualify for reduced rates, an employer's policy must provide for testing of all job applicants, reasonable suspicion drug tests, and follow-up-tests for those participating in employee assistance programs unless the employee voluntarily entered the program. It may also provide for routine fitness-for-duty medical exams, including drug testing. A private employer may conduct random testing, or any other lawful testing, of employees for drugs.
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    I would think that before UPS allowed any drug testing on their employees that the Union would have to be notified. I would call the Union and see what they have heard. Have them ask your center manager or District Manager. If you get no response or they don't care, try calling TDU, they might be more interested. Try national Teamsters too. I am with you on this one. What you do on your own personal time is your personal time. Start testing for alcohol too, because that is a much worse problem and negatively impacts more people and their families than any other drug.
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    Man, I'm having a hard time with this one. Can't believe someone would write about this. Concerned about drug use?
    Yeah, I'm concerned too...about all the bone-heads USING drugs!

    How about NOT using drugs? Must not sound reasonable, huh?
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    I couldn't agree more. Why in the world are you using drugs if that is the real issue in this case. Learn to be happy with yourself and life in general, the natural highs are the best in the world. Quit hanging around with losers and stop wasting your hard earned cash. Invest it wisely and retire worry free.
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    If this is going to be a State or Federal Requlation than what is the union going to do for you? Nothing... The State and Federal Governments don't care if you are union or not. It's like driving a UPS vehicle and running a stop sign in front of a cop. UPS is not at fault and does not have to pay the ticket for your stupidity. If you have nothing to hide than why worry.
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    Do feeder drivers not get random drug tests in your district? Just wondering
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    Because......before they do any drug testing on a UPS employee, the union should know about it and have a say so. And you do consider alcohol a drug too, don't you?
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    I was wondering if random drug testing is done with your feeder drivers or drivers that have vehicles over a certain weight limit. The district I retired from had random drug testing.
    Not to be confused with rehab random testing, where the employee knew they had a problem and dealt with it.

    And do I consider alcohol a drug - absolutely, it's harder on your body than anything else you may do long term, so I've heard.
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    I was happy once but then my wife and kid left me, probably cause I was never home at night. I went to the doctor and he gave me a pill to help me get happy again. Does this mean I'm really not happy?
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    How bout if I stick a #2 lead pencil in my eye ON MY OWN PERSONAL TIME? It doesn't hurt anybody else, oh, sure, I'm just a little bit impaired but it was off the clock!!!!!
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    "Does this mean I'm really not happy?"

    Yes. That's exactly what that means.
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    Why would sticking a pencil in your eye on your own personal time have anything to do with this conversation? I don't believe that pencil-sticking-in-your-eye was an issue discussed in contract talks?
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    If it was, I hope they make it a bid job.
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    Are you interested in bidding it???
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    Exactly! For all those that are wondering IF the union should get involved, why not try reading the "National Master United Parcel Service Agreement"? Pg 81, Section 3.1:

    "UPS employees subject to Department of Transportation mandated (italics and bold mine) drug testing are drivers of vehicles with a vehicle weight rating over 26,000 pounds, requiring a CDL..."

    This, by the way, is a contract that WE, members of the union, and UPS agreed to, voted on and signed (you DID vote on it, didn't you?).

    Well, that let's all you PC drivers, PTers, office help, etc. off the hook, huh? Well, read on...

    Sec 3.8 Reasonable Cause Testing
    "Upon reasonable cause, UPS will require an employee to be tested for the use of controlled substances."

    It goes on. You wanna read it? So, continue to recreate in the privacy of your own home (doing no harm to anyone else, according to you) and take your chances you ain't acting funny. I just hope you ain't driving your personal car, your package car or anything else in my direction or the direction of my family. And, oh, yeah, wonder if the union is gonna help you in THIS one!
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    You wouldn't like a job sticking a pencil in someone's eye? How easy is that?
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    Here in Illinois we`ve had random tests since I started in feeder. In package I never even heard the words. That was were it was needed,there was a guy who was a big coke head in our center,wound tighter than a banjo string.
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    Nice analogy - fitness for duty comes to mind