Does this mean I get my $17 retro check?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Skooney, Apr 9, 2019.

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    I def worked 16 hour days during peak....that ot will be sexy
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    I worked today, it went up to $18.
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    And then it went down due to hitting that higher tax bracket so now youre at 14.
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  5. What does red circled mean?
  6. Returntosender

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    How you figure that?
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  8. You get to keep your pay rate from TCD instead of starting peogprogres all over again.
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    Read a friggin book! Everybody knows what peogprogres is.
  11. So... For 4 years till I hit top pay? Or when should I hit top rate?
  12. 542thruNthru

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    This would depend on your Supplmental language some areas your years as a TCD count towards your peogprogres.
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    You mean to tell us that people feel "entitled" to the fruits of their negotiated unionized labor contract??
    My God! The nerve of these millennials!! Wanting the money that the company has agreed to pay them!!
    Speaking of pathetic, don't you have some boots to go lick?
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    It’s basic math...Dave Ramsey..8976785B-9260-4496-9EED-17EF512A2C25.gif
  16. Completley agreed. I have a spread sheet and with this paycheck I am at $7,046 onmy retro check. Even after taxes will be a nice chunk.
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    Gonna be a fat check, I’ve put in a ton of hours since August. I’m a FT driver though.
  18. Package Stick

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    Current pay rate: $10.60
    REGTME rounded down: 700h X $2.40 = $1680t.
    OT rounded down: 140h X $3 = $420t (ayyyy lmaoo).
    t = $2100
    This is a low estimate.

    *I excluded the first 2 paystubs in August 2018.
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    That is what it is out here too. $10.60 starting rate for central region. Buuuutttt they get a $200 a week bonus just for showing up to work on time and essentially make $20 hr ~ if you factor that in. Plus they get a retro check, so including that retro check they make around $23~ hr. Must be nice to be hired AFTER May of 2017 out here as a part time inside employee.
  20. Package Stick

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    I only get $75 a week, who do I sue? Oddly enough you can show up late and still get it. Guys in my hub who've shown late still get it at the end of the week.

    They can't keep people here, only 1 in 15 or so stick around for more than 3 months. Just lost 2 last week.