Does UPS have no idea who they send these to?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by sailfish, May 15, 2017.

  1. sailfish

    sailfish Hakuna Matata

    In the latest issue of InsideUPS (Spring 2017) there's an article that goes into the implementation of Saturday Ground. But instead of a strictly informative article, it's almost like it was written for consumer appeal (people who aren't going to be reading it anyway).

    The issue is full of cheesy koolaid-induced buzz phrases like "A New Day For Ground Deliveries", "It's a Saturday thing", and "Consumers Ask; UPS Delivers". The photo heading the article shows an assumed mother and daughter looking at each other with overzealous joy over an open UPS package. An adjacent photo shows a driver in all smiles while making a delivery.

    "Yay! Mommy gets her Amazon sh* on Saturday now!"

    From what I've gathered on Brown Cafe, Saturday Ground implementation has been hairy: long time bid routes being changed, large unfamiliar coverage areas, tremendous cuts on Mondays resulting in dead days for full-timers, as well as some 13-hour Saturdays. And I haven't read about it on here but I expect six-day part-timer abuse as well.

    Yet with all things considered, they send this publication out to us in a format like's it's something we are supposed to get excited about. We are not the consumers reaping only the benefits of this, nor are the majority of us drunk on brown koolaid. Just my long-winded observation.
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  2. The Saturday guys hate it. Especially the ones with kids.
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  3. Wally

    Wally BrownCafe Innovator & King of Puns

    Don't forget, the corporate types that put out this trash haven't a clue of what we do. That goes too for the "home by 5" Atlanta hacks.
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  4. Analbumcover

    Analbumcover ControlPkgs

    Lol funny I just finished reading it. The whole edition reads like a giant UPS propaganda piece. Innovation, automation, and diversity! Yay UPS!
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  5. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    They like to pretend it's still 1980 and every person is stoked about working for an awesome company like ups.

    Thing is they sunk that ship themselves a long time ago.
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  6. KOG72

    KOG72 I’m full of it

    They only sent those things out to the ones that they expect to work on Saturday's,sorry brother,I didn't get one.
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  7. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Single digit midget!

    InsideUPS is also sent to our pickup customers hence the cheesy articles.
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  8. TearsInRain

    TearsInRain IE boogeyman

    like @Wally said, the people that put these together have never worked for UPS outside the corporate offices, they don't know any better

    the 6 day punch thing is going away entirely, the sites are being penalized if they work anyone 6 days, regardless of OT pay or not, to increase retention
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  9. Jones

    Jones fILE A GRIEVE! Staff Member

    I'm already excited for Sunday delivery.
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  10. MyTripisCut

    MyTripisCut Dumpster, INABAG

    I don't even want 5 punches.
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  11. rod

    rod retired and happy

    The last time any delivery company was GREAT was when Tom Hanks stared in Castaway. Now that was a cheesy 2 hour FedEx commercial.
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  12. oldngray

    oldngray nowhere special

    Fred S seemed like such a nice guy. One big happy family.
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  13. purehavanne

    purehavanne Active Member

    I'm looking forward to Saturday Ground. Single, no kids, and ready to get paid. A wise man once told me "I come to work to make money, not friends."
  14. Catatonic

    Catatonic Nine Lives

    That's because that's the primary target audience for many of these articles
    UPS sends a customer specific publication called 'Compass'.
    UPS use to have an internal employee magazine (The BIG Idea).
    UPS used this pre-existing customer magazine to get articles, rather inadequately, to replace the Big Idea.
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  15. sailfish

    sailfish Hakuna Matata

    This I did not know. To say this inadequately replaces an insider publication would be a massive understatement.
  16. sailfish

    sailfish Hakuna Matata

    I too am single with no kids and that is precisely why I would be content with a four day week.
  17. jaker

    jaker trolling

    It's kinda like when you read a article on upsers site and look at the comments , most of the way to go and awesome post are all from a cubicle jockey and the real post come from us doing it
  18. 10 Pt

    10 Pt Guest

    At least the pic above has a UPS label ( but doesn't look like an Amazon label) on the box.
    When pas was implemented the giant poster they sent out to show where the PAL label was to be placed was a fricking USPS delivery label sent to an Atlanta based printing company.
    We're evidently having one less martini at the luncheon where the R & D folks come up with the promotional ideas.
  19. 10 Pt

    10 Pt Guest

    He/she may be management?
  20. rod

    rod retired and happy