does your center tell you to deliver air in trace if late?

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  1. I understand that if an air is late, the customer should get a refund. the part that upsets me is if our plain is late and they hold the drivers and we leave 30 minutes late, we are told by our center and onroad managers to deliver what we can by commit time, then run the rest in trace. So if I have a resi air that I would deliver late at 10:45, they would rather have me deliver it at the end of my day then breakoff. If I am customer getting my package late, I would much rather have it at 10:45 then after 18:00. What ever happened to SERVICE?
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    We always run trace when we have late air.
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    Late is late, whether it is 10:31 or 17:31. The plane may have already been exception coded which would not allow for refunds. I agree with you and if possible will deliver as much of the air on time as I can. The problem comes when they dispatch air that I normally wouldn't get knowing that it is already late--I will deliver that air in trace and will give the phone number to the center if the consignee has any questions.
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    I will make an effort to get there as early as possible but there are limits to what I can do if I have already spent 45 minutes backtracking to meet the guy who shuttled the late air out to me on a route that was heavily overdispatched to begin with.
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    When we have a snow storm we are told to deliver in trace. They don't want us running all over the place trying to make the Air on time and get into an accident. If they bring air out to US after we are on the road same applies.
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    Late is Late we are told to deliver as much business on time no ground with air then after commit time follow trace
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    we deliver in trace, late is late, but we do businesses by 4
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    It died on November 11, 1999.
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    I am lucky. None of my air is committed anyway. All of it is delivered in trace everyday.