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    Ok I know alot of drivers are gonna get on here and be upset that some people dont take 30 minute lunches. As a cover driver I will be the first one to admit Ive done it, simply because we have a bunch of idiots that send us out on routes-BLIND and expect us to somehow take care of every business within the time frames allowed. Theres been several times that 30 minutes I didnt spend taking a lunch saved my bacon. Most people will write in and say, send a message saying you wont make it to such and such, but if you dont know you just dont know simply put. My question is this new DOT 30 minute break in 8 hours of work is that nation wide or are there already people on this? I run in a center where probably 90% of the drivers DO NOT take a lunch.

    On another note I dont see what management is trying to do. We are cutting routes LIKE CRAZY what gives? Whats the deal with being back on stops per car? Its absolutely stupid putting an average of stops per car, that is the true antics of someone sitting in a freaking air conditioned office thats never done this job! Once this 30 minute break comes into play its going to change the game ALOT. I dont see how they will be able to cut routes like they are.
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    Saved whos bacon???
    Yours or managements???


    Well whos going to be the one called into the office? Whos going to be the one who has to answer for it whether its my fault or not? You are EXPECTED to know the IMPOSSIBLE. I know you will say its managements problem, and I totally agree with you. However I dont want to deal with it. We have a center manager who is the biggest jackass the world has ever seen. I dont want to have to go to the union over something that isnt my fault, I just want to show up to work, get treated fairly, get done, and go home. The less time I have to spend talking to management the better! At the end of the day you and I both know they keep all records of everything we do so that if/when something comes up they can come back with OH on such and such date you failed to do blah blah blah.
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    Whether you realize it or not, you are only pertetuating the problem.
    You are being played.
    I watch this game being played by management with numerous drivers in my building.
    Not me, because they know they will have to deal with the consequences.
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    30 mins ? I am a full time driver and I TAKE 1 Hr EVERY DAY !!!!!
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    I believe this law goes nationwide jan 1st. It should be a game changer.
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    I can't believe grown men let their center manager take advantage of them like that.
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    I used to feel this way just leave alone and let me get through the day. Then one time flavor of the week was take all your break. Well I'm not taking it at the end of the day and I'm not working for free so I take it all now. It is managements problem but if u don't want to deal with it that's your problem. We can give u all the advice and tools to more than likely take care of your problem. If you refuse to act not much can be done.
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    SO now we are going to LOOSE our 1 hr lunch break ???????
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    Goes into effect July 1, 2013

    NO, just you WILL have to take at least a half hour.
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    What new DOT break rule? The U.S. DOT does not regulate break periods only Hours of Service. Some states mandate break time, my state only requires a break if you are under 18 and work more than 5 hours.
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    Hulka, take what you can for lunch during the designated time(we've all done this). Then take the rest of your lunch later on in the day. If they choose to give you a hard time than so be it. Secondly, the 8 hour lunch is the norm for most workplaces. If UPS chooses or is mandated to adopt this policy hourly employees will not lose $. Our lunch break will be 30 mins instead of an hour.
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    Unless the law is changed, effective July 1, 2013 all drivers of commercial vehicles are required to take a 30 min break after 8 hours of on duty time.
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    even better.... take the amount of lunch you are allotted and record it in you board..... period...... whatever happens outside of that time happens
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    Just do the math. 31.34 x 5= 156.70 x 52=8148.48 You just gave away over $8000.00 Tell management to pack sand. If you are afraid of them giving you grief you better find another job because no matter how good you are they will hassle you. P.S. I will take the 8 grand


    THIS GROWN man doesnt allow the center manager to do anything to me. True story-I was brand new to driving and I did infact miss a business being sent out on a route once again BLIND. Ok let me rephrase that I didnt miss the business but since it was a business I had the commit air saver time that I missed. Long story short, it went to the union and I had a pending suspension over something I couldnt have controlled. I was told by the head guy at the union worst comes to worst you will have a day suspension. Why should I be punished over something that was out of my hands? If thats as far as the union was/is going to back me then why would I want to put up with it? Is it managements problem? Absolutely! Are they going to try and pass the blame off to me? ABSOLUTELY! I wasnt trying to get into a war of words which all that seems to happen on this forum. Some driver always has some smart remark to come back to a fellow employee. This company is nothing but constant bickering between management AND fellow employees just look at these forums. At the end of the day WHY would I want to sit and bicker with some pompous :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: center manager about something he has no idea about, but in the end what you say is always going to fall on deaf ears? I cant stand arguing with someone especially when its just a waste of time. I would much rather spend that time at home doing things that I enjoy doing.

    What my point was is, why isnt UPS starting to gear up for the changes needing to be made for this new law coming into effect NOW as opposed to waiting till that date hits and then OH everything is a freaking mess? Do I agree with every single one of you guys about TAKING YOUR LUNCH-YES I DO!
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    Was unaware we got paid for lunch.
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    In what way would you like the company to gear up for any changes you think are needed in regard to this new law? In my center we are currently required to take a 45 minute lunch. Reducing it to 30 minutes would have a minimal impact on the operation. I would rather the company start enforcing the mandatory lunch by going through the Telematics reports for the lunch skippers. I would also like the union to enforce the contract by requiring drivers to take their lunch and breaks as mandated rather than at the end of the day.
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    Sometimes I just break my lunch up. Half hour early in day to collect my thoughts. Then if you need more time for businesses I will bang them out after the 30 min break then take my other half hours.