Drivers taking showers at facilities when they finish work.

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    Do UPS facilities have drivers that take showers when drivers are finish for the day or do drivers wear their uniforms when they go to and from work.
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    LOL....Kind of hard to do when they only provide us a sink (with no hot water), a urinal, a toilet, and hand soap with pumice. What do you think this is ? A Holiday Inn...:wink2:
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    Our center is a fairly new one (less than 5 yrs or so and we have already outgrown it) and we asked for showers to be figured in to the design. We were told that a neighboring center had them and they were not used so we would not be getting them. It would be nice to have them available for those times when we have to go from work to a function but a strong dose of antiperspirant and good handwashing usually suffice. To be fair, I really don't think that the number of drivers who would use them would justify the expense of not only designing and building them but cleaning them.

    As far as wearing the uniform, when I first started 19 years ago wearing the uniform to work was not allowed--we changed before and after each shift. Now, very few drivers (if any) change at work. I don't--it is so much easier for me just to get dressed at home but I do try to limit any stops that I make either going to or coming home from work while in uniform. I think this stems from my time in the military when there were restrictions on when and where the uniform could be worn.
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    Where I am no showers. I've been working for ups almost 3 yrs. I remember signing something that said we could where the shirts but not the pants to and from work, had a laugh about that, (weird). Was told it was not enforced because there weren't enough lockers in the buildings. Some of the more senior drivers still come to work with just the shirt and change at work.
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    You guys should take a look at subway's post history before you respond to this thread. He's got some issues.
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    none of the showers have peep holes in them anyway:peaceful:
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    And you knows this to be true because.............:wink2:
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    That's for sure! Nice to see someone else remembers.
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    Are you sure Subway is a he?
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    Subways told me:wink2:
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    I reckon that settles that then. LOL, sure seems Subway does have an obsession with drivers showering after work. What else has Sub revealed to you Rod?????
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    If you do look at his past posts I think Subway has revealed everything we need to know about him :peaceful:
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    That's scary:scared:
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    He or she has asked these same questions before, and I am pretty sure under another name too.
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    I ave only ever seen one driver use our showers at work and that is because he is OCD. he gets one in the morning, he gets one midday at the gym over lunch and gets one when he punches out and then he gets another when he gets home before he goes to bed.
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    oh and BTW dude, you're creepy. I was just checking oout your profile and it says you are currently viewing this thread. Voyuer!!!!!!!!!!
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    thread reminds me of the seinfeld episode where kramer needs advice on how to shower properly and then asks jerry if he can watch him take a shower so he can see the tips in action. Jerry refuses so Kramer goes to the local gym to watch guys shower and as he watches , he says things like "hey this guy is showing me something, hey look at this guy go" He ends up with a black eye
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    Ya gotta love Kramer! The great thing about Seinfeld was everyone could relate to the cast. I know in my package center we had Kramer & Costnazo type's. None of the women were close to being Elaine though. I usually thought of myself as Jerry!
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    Subway you definetly need a new hobby besides watching and thinking about UPS drivers in the shower almost every one of your threads is about showers in UPS buildings also about UPS underwear pretty creepy dude.
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    I saw a red flag as soon as I read the thread title. :thumbdown